It's Spider-Man and excellent mullets in MTV's vintage visit to Marvel Comics headquarters
Jeff Spry

Travel back to those innocent pre-Internet days of 1992 in this video fieldtrip to Marvel.

Agent Carter's James D'Arcy on Jarvis' backstory, the back half of Season 2
Trent Moore

The ratings might not be looking too hot, but Marvel’s Agent Carter is easily one of the most fun shows on television right now. Luckily for us, co-star James D’Arcy promises it's only getting started.

Jessica Jones showrunner on why The Defenders may complicate plans for Season 2
Nathalie Caron

It seems almost inevitable that Marvel will greenlight a second season of their new Jessica Jones Netlix series, but The Defenders may complicate matters.

Captain Marvel originally had a supporting role in Jessica Jones
Trent Moore

As Marvel’s Jessica Jones goes live on Netflix today, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how the superhero-turned-private-eye tale could’ve been a whole lot different.

Jessica Jones producer on how the series changed, what to expect in Season 2
Trent Moore

Marvel’s latest series Jessica Jones is set to drop on Friday, and we have some fresh intel and footage to get us amped up for the debut.

Deleted Ant-Man scene includes a major Iron Man 3 easter egg
Trent Moore

Turns out Ant-Man almost had a very sly, but very major, connection to Iron Man 3. Want to see the deleted scene that could’ve tied it all together?

Peggy is ready for a new adventure in first footage from Agent Carter Season 2
Trent Moore

With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hitting on all cylinders this season, you might have almost forgotten Marvel’s other ABC series will be back for another go-round in just two months. Luckily, we have the first footage from Agent Carter’s second season as a nice reminder.

Image of the Day: First official look at Hayley Atwell in Season 2 of Agent Carter
Trent Moore

Though most of the attention is on Marvel’s Netflix offerings these days, one of the studio’s best shows is quietly holding down a midseason slot on ABC’s schedule. Now we finally have a look at Peggy Carter’s return.

Michael Douglas is ready to come back for Ant-Man and the Wasp, but for one thing
Nathalie Caron

Michael Douglas is really hoping for one little thing when/if he returns for director Peyton Reed's Ant-Man sequel.

First clip of David Tennant in action as Kilgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones
Nathalie Caron

Marvel's most terrifying villain yet is set to make his debut in Marvel's Jessica Jones.