Kevin Feige finally explains the in-story reason Stan Lee pops up in every Marvel movie

As expected, comic legend Stan Lee pops up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for his umpteenth cameo in a Marvel movie. But is there something more cosmic afoot?

Behold Square Enix's spellbinding new Doctor Strange variant figure

New Play Arts Kai edition of the Sorcerer Supreme is a magical, must-have collectible.

Marvel confirms Avengers 4 title is definitely a post-Infinity War spoiler

Though Marvel has announced movies going out over the next several years, the company has made a point to not announce the title of the fourth Avengers film just yet. Why? Well, it’d apparently ruin Infinity War.

Marvel made a Rocket & Groot web series and you can watch the pilot right here
Mar 14, 2017

There's already an animated Guardians of the Galaxy series on Disney XD, and now that show is getting an online spin-off that focuses on Rocket and Groot. It's called, um, Rocket & Groot.

Finn Jones says negative Iron Fist reviews are because show is 'not made for critics'
Mar 14, 2017

The latest Marvel series hits Netflix on Friday, and we're sad to report that it's really not all that good. The general consensus for Iron Fist has been a general meh from critics, but star Finn Jones has fired back with a tried and true excuse that just doesn't hold water.

Watch the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 promo from the Kids' Choice Awards
Mar 12, 2017

It's an extended scene of Star-Lord piloting the Milano through an interstellar battle swarming with exploding micro-starships while carrying on a raunchy bathroom humor exchange with Rocket and Drax about a little sleeping bag surprise.

Darth Vader's early days to be explored in new ongoing comic book
Mar 10, 2017

Learn the origins of Darth Vader's lightsaber in this new Marvel book.

Fight your way into a kick-ass Iron Fist featurette introducing Colleen Wing
Mar 9, 2017

She's a mysterious martial arts master and Danny Rand's mentor, friend and instructor who's haunted by a venomous past.