Wesley Snipes wants to reprise his role as Blade for Marvel

Wesley Snipes, who portrayed the Daywalker in a trilogy of films starting with Blade in 1998, still wants to put on that leather duster.

Huge Marvel Comics twist changes Captain America forever, and you might not like it

Sure, Sam Wilson might still have the shield, but the “real” Captain America is officially back in action today with the launch of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Steve Rogers. But this is not the flag-waving adventure you might have expected.

Rumor of the Day: Casting call for Black Panther reveals key new Marvel characters

A recent casting call sheet has emerged for director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, possibly giving us our first tantalizing details about the upcoming Marvel movie.

Full-length Agent Carter Season 2 synopsis reveals Peggy's new mission

Here are the details of the new investigation that leads Agent Peggy Carter to move from New York City to sunny California.

Kevin Feige explains where Thor: Ragnarok will primarily take place

According to Kevin Feige, expect Thor's third not-so-solo outing to take things to the next, cosmic level.

Chiwetel Ejiofor reveals if Baron Mordo will be hero or villain on Doctor Strange

With Mads Mikkelsen playing the main villain on Doctor Strange, where does that leave Baron Mordo?

Mike Colter explains how Luke Cage will be different from Daredevil and Jessica Jones

With Luke Cage bound for his own Netflix series by the end of 2016, how will Marvel make it stand out from Daredevil and Jessica Jones?

Did Kevin Feige reveal Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto is the Time Stone?

The whereabouts of one more Infinity Stone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have been revealed.

Report: Marvel Studios has reacquired the rights to Taskmaster

Film rights are a complicated business already, but when it comes to comic books, they can get insanely tricky. Well, it sounds like all those twisty rights have apparently led a classic Marvel villain back home.

First official look at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Marvel has unleashed our first official look at the Sherlock actor in the role of the Sorcerer Supreme.