How Chris Hemsworth helped Tom Holland nab the amazing role of Spider-Man
Nathalie Caron

Tom Holland reveals how a mighty Avenger helped him snatch the role of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Black Panther arrives, Winter Soldier returns in first trailer for Captain America: Civil War
Trent Moore

The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally arrived and brings with it a ton of details about what to expect from what many fans are calling Avengers 2.5.

Marvel's Luke Cage casts Emmy nominee to play Claire Temple's mother
Trent Moore

Filming is already underway on Mike Colter’s Luke Cage standalone series, and now some casting news is starting to trickle out about Marvel’s third Netflix project.

Chris Hemsworth’s zany idea for how to fix Marvel's Thor franchise
Trent Moore

Though it's been a solid box-office staple, Marvel’s Thor franchise has never really achieved the critical success of some of the other major heroes, like Iron Man and Captain America. Well, Chris Hemsworth has a few ideas for how to fix that problem.

Jessica Jones showrunner on why The Defenders may complicate plans for Season 2
Nathalie Caron

It seems almost inevitable that Marvel will greenlight a second season of their new Jessica Jones Netlix series, but The Defenders may complicate matters.

Ava DuVernay confirms Black Panther talks, then explains why she passed
Matthew Jackson

One of the biggest superhero movie rumors of the past few months was true, but it's not going to happen.

1st tantalizing look at logos for Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Avengers 2
Trent Moore

Work on Iron Man 3 may just be gearing up, but the minds at Marvel are already thinking a few films ahead—and here's a peek at The Avengers 2, Captain America 2 and Thor 2 logos to prove it.

Latest Thor: The Dark World TV spot shows off a little more Loki
Trent Moore

Remember those reshoots we heard about a while back to add more Loki? Well, the latest trailer for Thor: The Dark World shows off a bit more of what we can expect.

CONFIRMED: Thor 2 will be first Marvel movie directed by a woman
Don Kaye

It's been speculated for weeks and now it's official: Thor 2 will be the first Marvel movie directed by a woman.

So will that villain teased in Avengers' credits pop up in Thor 2?
Matthew Jackson

That mid-credits coda scene in The Avengers obviously has big implications for the Marvel movie universe going forward, but just how soon will that scene start affecting Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Will that villain setup be a part of Thor 2? Chris Hemsworth thinks he knows. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Marvel finally chooses its Thor 2 director

Despite the forgone conclusion that the Chris Hemsworth-starring Thor would get a sequel—it's what you do when a movie grosses $449 million worldwide—the path to getting that sequel off the ground has been a bit rocky. Hopefully, a Game of Thrones veteran can get the Asgardian ball rolling.

8 Marvel supervillains who could take on the Thunder God in Thor 2

Here's the problem with Thor: His rogue's gallery is more of a collection than a gallery. He's not overflowing with titanic baddies. With Thor 2 heating up—and Marvel's cinematic honcho promising a "major, major" villain—we started thinking of who it might be.

Want a role in Captain America 2? Here's how to make it happen
Dany Roth

Ever since the title for the Captain America sequel, Winter Soldier, was announced, people have been very excited to see it. But what if you could do one better? What if you could be in it? Looks like, if you've got the scratch, you can make that dream come true.

Plot revealed for Star Wars comic that bridges Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens
Don Kaye

Want to know what went down in that galaxy far. far away during the 30 years between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens? At last we have a hint.