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See Marvel Now's first epic trio of interlocking Avengers covers
Jun 25, 2015

Here's an amazing triptych for the winter re-launch of a new Avengers series with our heroes banding together side-by-side. Cap, Thor and Iron Man united paint one pretty picture.

1st look at 3 stunning pages of Avengers #1 pencil art
Jun 25, 2015

Earlier this week, we showed you the cool puzzle-piece covers for Marvel Now's Avengers #1-3—and now you can gaze upon Jerome Opena's brilliant artwork for the fall premiere issue. November can't come quick enough!

Marvel exec defends controversial new publishing plan that's giving fans fits
Dec 18, 2013

Anyone who reads comics has probably noticed an aggravating sea change in recent years, and according to an exec at Marvel, it won’t be changing anytime soon.