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VIDEO: Stan Lee muses on 75 years with Marvel Comics

Here's an awesome anniversary video celebrating Stan Lee's 75 years creating Marvel Comics.

The Kingpin is the hero of his own story in first look at new Marvel Comics run

The Kingpin is looking to make a clean start in the Marvel Comics universe as a legit businessman, and here's a first look at his new series.

The Guardians of the Galaxy finally escape Earth in first look at relaunched comic run

The Guardians are currently stuck on Earth, but they'll soon be heading back into space. Want a peek at their return to the stars?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Whedon on the LMD storyline, why Ghost Rider was benched

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is set to dive into a classic corner of the Marvel canon: Life Model Decoys. So what can we expect when the show returns on Tuesday?

Marvel killing machines match up in new Deadpool versus The Punisher #1

The two muscled mercenaries clash in Marvel's new Deadpool versus The Punisher comic series

Upcoming issue of Marvel's Poe Dameron comic will feature tribute to Carrie Fisher

Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic has been filling in some gaps from before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it’s about to take a more poignant turn.

Civil War comic writer Mark Millar was not a fan of the film adaptation
Dec 20, 2016

Marvel’s blockbuster adaptation of Civil War was one of the biggest hits of the year, but it turns out the comic’s original creator wasn’t really a fan.

Carol Danvers is the biggest hero in the world in first look at Mighty Captain Marvel
Dec 16, 2016

In case you didn’t know, Captain Marvel is a pretty big deal. And she’s getting even bigger in 2017.

The war is over in first look at Marvel's Civil War II epilogue The Oath
Dec 15, 2016

Marvel Comics’ super-sized Civil War II event is coming to a close, and now we have a first look at the lingering threads that will be left dangling.

Marvel Comics taps Method Man to write a Ghost Rider holiday special
Dec 15, 2016

Method Man once adopted the nickname Johnny Blaze, and now Marvel has finally given the musician a chance to tell his very own Ghost Rider story.

R.L. Stine is writing a Man-Thing comic series for Marvel, and here's a first look
Dec 12, 2016

Marvel has never been afraid to mix it up with writers from different media, and now the publisher is bringing in a kid-friendly horror legend to helm the new-look Man-Thing.