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Amadeus Cho is having a blast as the Totally Awesome Hulk in new comic preview
Trent Moore

As part of the All New, All Different refresh, Marvel is putting a new spin on an old (big, green) favorite with The Totally Awesome Hulk. Want to see how Amadeus Cho is settling in to his new role?

Mockingbird is getting her first-ever solo comic, here's a first look and details
Trent Moore

She’s been a stalwart of the Marvel Universe for decades, and Mockingbird is finally getting her first-ever solo comic book.

Matt Murdock has a new apprentice in preview for Marvel Comics' Daredevil relaunch
Trent Moore

After mixing things up in a sunnier locale, Matt Murdock is going back to his roots (in a few ways) with Marvel’s relaunched Daredevil comic.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just added a major female character from the comic canon
Trent Moore

James Gunn has been teasing a bigger cast in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and now it sounds like he’s eyeing a major female comic character to round out the roster.

Jessica Drew has a baby on board in new preview from all new Spider-Woman
Trent Moore

We knew Marvel was shaking things up with its All-New, All-Different relaunch — but Spider-Woman’s story is really getting a narrative kicker in the wake of Secret Wars. Turns out, Jessica Drew is gonna have a baby.

The Thing and Kitty Pryde join the team in first pages of Marvel's new-look Guardians
Trent Moore

The flagship intergalactic team of the Marvel Universe is getting a major shakeup in the wake of the All New, All Different relaunch — and here’s our first look at the revamped roster in action.

Guardians' Flash Thompson goes solo in new Marvel comic Venom: Space Knight
Trent Moore

The Marvel Comics universe is apparently going to look very different once the dust settles from Secret Wars, and now we have some fresh intel on another mid-tier hero set for a bigger stage — Agent Venom.

Brian Michael Bendis on Marvel's 'bold' Guardians of the Galaxy comic revamp
Trent Moore

Marvel’s entire comic lineup is getting a revamp in the wake of the ongoing Secret Wars event, and here’s our first peek at the new-look Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ll miss you, Star-Lord.

Marvel pays tribute to classic hip-hop albums with these awesome variant covers
Trent Moore

If you’ve been looking for a way to meld your love of Marvel Comics and hip-hop, this should do the trick.

10 ridiculous comic book superhero sidekicks (Fat Man? Really?)
Dany Roth

It's not uncommon for a superhero type to take a young lad or lass under their wing. (Even Spider-Man just got himself a sidekick!) A lot of sidekicks have gone on to be classics, loved and revered in the comic community. Then there are ... the others.

Marvel celebrates 50 years of Spider-Man by giving him a sidekick
Dany Roth

Peter Parker has been more or less a one-man show since his 1962 debut in Amazing Fantasy #15. Tomorrow, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #692, all that will change.

Vader, Spock, Spidey and 26 other sci-fi icons as rotting zombies
Matthew Jackson

Part of the horrific appeal of the whole zombie thing is that it can happen to anyone. Your wife, your kids, your grandma, even that guy you buy coffee from, they can all shift from friendly humans to rotting, flesh-hungry undead in a matter of minutes, and suddenly it's shotgun time. (Aim for the head, kids.) So it's no surprise that the whole "no one is safe" thing has spread to the realm of fictional characters.