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Like father, like son in first look at Marvel Comics' new spy thriller Nick Fury

Marvel is looking to give the younger Nick Fury his shot at a solo series, and now we have a first look  at the spy thriller. 

Brian Michael Bendis on going street-level with his new Defenders comic run

As Marvel prepares to launch its Defenders miniseries on Netflix, the publisher is also putting together a new-look version of the team for a comic run. So, what does creator Brian Michael Bendis have to say about the project?

Alex Ross shares DC superhero art from when he was 12 years old

Here's a priceless peek at the budding legend's adolescent superhero art.

Six furious variant covers for Marvel's Iron Fist #1

Here's a fistful of six exclusive variant covers for Marvel's Iron Fist #1.

The Inhumans go cosmic in first preview of Royals #1

This series will pull several members of the Inhuman Royal Family away from their regular duties and send them to the stars.

Kitty Pryde assembles a dream team in X-Men Gold #1

A new era of the X-Men is upon us, and we've got a couple of great new teams to go with it.

Marvel heroes get Venomized in Edge of Venomverse event series

The black symbiote invades the Marvel Universe in new Edge of Venomverse mini-series.