Marvel Cinematic Universe

Screenwriter reveals the challenges of scripting Captain Marvel

Writing the script for the first Marvel movie based around a female superhero should be a breeze, right? Sure.

One actress confirmed, one rumored as Avengers: Infinity War draws near
Jan 9, 2017

With production on Avengers: Infinity War getting underway, intriguing names are starting to surface as part of the film's jumbo-sized cast.

Rumor of the day: What you'll see in two Doctor Strange post-credits scenes
Oct 14, 2016

We're just weeks away from the premiere of Doctor Strange, which means we're also about to see a couple more of Marvel's now-famous post-credits scenes.

Russo Brothers: 'strong chance' Marvel will bring LGBT character into MCU
May 3, 2016

The directors of Captain America: Civil War think it's only a matter of time before Marvel breaks one of the last comic book movie barriers.

Chris Evans hints at how long he'll play Captain America
Apr 27, 2016

The man who has embodied Cap on the screen for the last half decade has some thoughts on how long he'll wield the shield.

Kevin Feige confirms at least one Phase 4 movie for Marvel
Apr 13, 2016

What comes after Avengers: Infinity War closes out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Fox quietly nixes its plans for Fantastic Four 2
Nov 24, 2015

We hope you're not waiting for a sequel to this summer's Fantastic Four movie.