Here are the 6 designs that could be the foundation for NASA's Mars spaceship

We’ve already seen Elon Musk roll out the design for his Mars spaceship, but we’re still waiting for NASA to show off the ship future astronauts will take to the Red Planet.

It looks like the ESA's ExoMars lander has crashed into the Red Planet

Space is hard, and for every Curiosity rover rolling around on Mars, there are a whole lot more failed missions that missed the mark. It looks like the ESA’s ExoMars project falls in the latter category —though that doesn’t mean the space agency didn’t pull down some useful intel.

Cosmic rays could give future Mars astronauts space dementia

Getting astronauts into space and keeping them alive is already a tough nut to crack, and a new study shows it’ll be even harder than we thought.

NASA developing cutting-edge gauze that could save future astronauts

There are a lot of technical hurdles to overcome before we put boots on Mars, and one of the less obvious (thought certainly important) is how to deal with injuries that far away from Earth.

Look out, NASA: Russia and ESA set to land their own probe on Mars this week

It’s not easy to land a probe on another planet, which is part of the reason the United States is still pretty much the only country to pull it off successfully. But that could all change later this week.

Boeing vows to beat SpaceX to Mars, kicking off modern day space race

Back in the 1960s it was the U.S. vs. Russia in a race to the moon. Now? There’s a whole lot more folks on the track in the sprint for the moon.

Elon Musk's ambitious plan to colonize Mars might not actually be legal

Earlier this week, Elon Musk laid out his insanely ambitious plan to colonize Mars within the next 50-100 years.

SpaceX unveils spaceship that will take us to Mars, and the plan to get us there
Sep 27, 2016

Elon Musk has unveiled his full-scale plan to put humans on Mars — and as expected — it’s ambitious.

Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the solar system, and has a few tips for NASA
Sep 23, 2016

Blue Origin is developing some ambitious tech that could help us explore the solar system in the next few decades, and founder Jeff Bezos has some thoughts on where we’re going next.

Senate approves $19.5 billion NASA budget for Mars missions, new space ship development
Sep 23, 2016

Presidential elections can often be a scary time (some more than others), but it’s an especially trying time for agencies like NASA. Thankfully, it seems the plan for Mars will keep moving ahead (even if that plan could use a few course corrections along the way).

SpaceX developing massive space ship capable of carrying 100+ humans to Mars and beyond
Sep 20, 2016

Though NASA has the big budget and the proven track record, it’s plucky startup SpaceX that could beat everyone to the Red Planet. But founder Elon Musk already has his gaze set a little further out.

NASA may need to reroute Curiosity rover to avoid contaminating potential water site
Sep 9, 2016

The main goal of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission is to delve into the secrets of the Red Planet — and one of the big ones is trying to prove definitively that there really is water on Mars. Well, the odds are looking up, but Curiosity could need a reroute to avoid contaminating the site.

Scientists just found a 3.7 billion-year-old fossil on Earth, which could improve our odds for finding life on Mars
Sep 8, 2016

The search continues for life on Mars — but some new findings on Earth might have significantly improved our odds of finding something on the Red Planet.

Scientists working on real-life 'hibernation' tech to send future colonists to Mars
Aug 30, 2016

It’s been a staple of science fiction for decades, and now scientists are looking into the viability of real-life stasis technology that could be the missing link to exploring our solar system.