Marc Guggenheim

Marc Guggeheim reveals the Arrowverse character he will never kill off

Across the entire Arrowverse, Marc Guggenheim & Co. have killed off a whole lot of characters the past few years. But, there’s one you definitely don’t have to worry about.

The Justice Society of America assembles in new Legends of Tomorrow featurette
Oct 19, 2016

Fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time now, and this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow will finally introduce the Justice Society of America to the Arrowverse.

Marc Guggenheim on turning the Legends of Tomorrow into time cops in Season 2
Aug 24, 2016

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow was one big, fun, messy thrill ride. But with Season 2, producer March Guggenheim promises they’re heading in a whole new direction.

Supergirl and The Flash to share a super-musical crossover this season
Aug 11, 2016

It might not seem like the most obvious direction to take a crossover between two DC heavyweights, but get to know the actors a bit and it makes perfect sense.

Image of the Day: Legends of Tomorrow reveals Season 2 logo for the Justice Society of America
Aug 3, 2016

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has taken to his Twitter account to share the awesome new logo for the Justice Society of America, which will be a staple of the show's upcoming Season 2.

Supergirl producers on that shocking cliffhanger, latest odds for Season 2
Apr 19, 2016

CBS’s Supergirl wrapped its first season Monday night with an episode that wrapped up a lot of storylines and set up some big ones for a potential Season 2. 

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim admits they’ve 'struggled with' flashbacks this year
Apr 18, 2016

Dating all the way back to the first season, flashbacks have been a major component of The CW’s Arrow. But even the producers admit things got a bit off the rails this season.

Arrow's Marc Guggenheim on the mystery death, paparazzi shots spoiling the big reveal
Apr 6, 2016

A flash forward from a funeral scene has hovered over the entire fourth season of Arrow, and the mystery death will finally be revealed in tonight’s episode. But some intrepid fans might already know who’s in that grave.

Guggenheim on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: 'We've got a few empty chairs on that bridge'
Mar 31, 2016

The CW’s small-screen DC universe seems to be practically unstoppable these days, with even the ambitious anthology series Legends of Tomorrow already earning a Season 2 renewal. So, what can we expect from next year?

Arrow, Flash producer promises 'game-changer' for Dhark, focus on the multiverse
Jan 12, 2016

With almost a half-dozen TV shows on the air, it goes without saying — producer Marc Guggenheim a busy guy these days.

Arrow's Guggenheim on the 'effortless' addition of Matt Ryan's Constantine
Sep 15, 2015

Sure, we’re excited to see the continuing adventures of Team Arrow this fall — but one of the biggest additions to The CW is Matt Ryan’s Constantine. So, how is the Hellbazer fitting in?

Image of the Day: Arrow’s lair gets a major upgrade for Season 4
Aug 18, 2015

We know a few things about the new season of The CW’s Arrow, but we didn’t know where Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the gang would be setting up shop. Now we have our first look at the new Arrow Lair — and it seems the crime-fighters will be enjoying a major upgrade.

Legends of Tomorrow producer talks Hawkman, big deaths and Booster Gold
Aug 10, 2015

The CW has been digging deeper into DC’s canon with each passing year thanks to Arrow and The Flash, but they’ve only scratched the surface of full-fledged comic-book insanity.