Marc Forster

World War Z director headed to Mars for next movie
Feb 5, 2014

Even though World War Z was a box office victory pulled from the jaws of defeat, director Marc Forster isn't coming back for a sequel. But he has another sci-fi project in the works.

World War Z director finally reveals why that ending had to change
Sep 17, 2013

We’ve already heard about the wild, Russian World War Z ending we’ll never get to see — but why did they go with the one that actually made the cut? Now we know.

World War Z's so messed up Brad Pitt's not talking to the director
Dec 17, 2012

We already knew about the rewrites and reshoots plaguing Brad Pitt's big-screen adaptation of World War Z, but the flick's problems apparently don't end there. According to inside sources, things have gotten so bad that Pitt and director Marc Forster aren't speaking.