Man of Steel 2

Rumor of the day: will Black Adam make his debut in Man of Steel 2?

Online speculation puts The Rock in the next solo Superman movie, and The Rock has thrown a little fuel on that fire.

Rumor of the Day: Warner Bros. courting Matthew Vaughn to direct Man of Steel 2
Mar 13, 2017

After helping reboot the X-Men with First Class over at Fox, Warner Bros. is reportedly courting Matthew Vaughn to get Man of Steel back on track.

Unofficial poll picks clear frontrunner to direct Man of Steel 2
Aug 10, 2016

Now that we know Man of Steel 2 is actively being developed, should Zack Snyder or someone else get behind the camera?

George Miller tackles those rumors that he'll be directing Man of Steel 2
Oct 2, 2015

Is George Miller trying again with the DC Movie Universe? Don't hold your breath.

Source says Man of Steel 2 is on 'permanent hold'
Aug 25, 2015

Although Warner Bros. Pictures is rolling out an ambitious slate of DC Comics-based movies over the next five years, the fate of one film remains uncertain.

One of these domain names could be the real Batman vs. Superman title
Nov 21, 2013

The film that will bring Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen still doesn't have an official title, but we may have just glimpsed a list of candidates.

We almost got this guy as Batman in Man of Steel 2 instead of Affleck
Sep 9, 2013

You didn't think Ben Affleck was the only actor in the running, did you?

These 2 DC heroes might get their own movies after Justice League
Jun 13, 2013

We already knew that DC is prepping Man of Steel 2 on the road to Justice League, and now we’re hearing some rumblings of which heroes could get the standalone treatment after that.