Maggie Q

Nikita is back in 1st ass-kicking, game-changing S3 footage
Dec 17, 2012

Some major changes are coming in the third season of The CW's Nikita, and the first trailer shows off a whole new world at Division. NIkita (Maggie Q) is back, and kicking more ass than ever.

Hoping for more Nikita? The CW's boss says the odds of that are ...
Dec 17, 2012

Despite iffy ratings, The CW's Nikita reboot has been a critical hit for the network the past two seasons—but buzz alone may not be enough to bring it back for year three.

Genndy Tartakovsky's bloody 3-minute animated Priest prologue
Dec 14, 2012

Worried that you'll be confused by the human/vampire war when Priest hits theaters May 13? Screen Gems must be a little concerned, too, because they got a heavy hitter to animate a 3-minute prologue that explains how the world of the movie came to be.

This spicy actress is the new femme Nikita
Dec 14, 2012

The casting of Maggie Q represents a bold choice for the show's creators.