The first trailer for James Wan's retooled MacGyver pilot is finally here!
Aug 19, 2016

A few months ago, CBS announced they were scrapping the pilot for their MacGyver reboot -- which was shot by David Von Ancken -- and starting from scratch by handing the reins back to Aquaman director James Wan. Here's the first trailer.

CBS scraps MacGyver pilot, brings in James Wan to direct a new version
Jun 17, 2016

CBS is still keen to put a new version of MacGyver on the small screen, but it’ll apparently look a good bit different than the trailer released a few weeks ago.

First teaser trailer for CBS’s Star Trek series, full trailer for MacGyver reboot
May 18, 2016

We finally have our first peek at CBS’s new Star Trek series, plus the network’s reboot of 1980’s classic spy-fi series MacGyver.

CBS' MacGyver reboot has found its leading man in X-Men: Apocalypse star
Mar 21, 2016

After a weeks-long search, CBS has finally found its new MacGyver.

There's a MacGyver movie reboot also in the works at Lionsgate
Feb 5, 2016

Looks like MacGyver is set to use his uncanny knack for solving any problems on the big screen.

MacGyver reboot lands pilot order at CBS, get your paper clips ready
Feb 3, 2016

Hey, if there’s anybody who can find a way to escape development hell, it’s MacGyver.

MacGyver pulling a movie together out of household items
Dec 14, 2012

New Line is developing a movie based on the hit TV series MacGyver.