Luke Scott

Don’t make Morgan angry in new clip from Luke Scott’s sci-fi horror film
Aug 9, 2016

A new clip from director Luke Scott’s upcoming sci-fi/horror thriller movie Morgan has just hit. Scott is the son of legendary Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott, and Morgan is his first big-screen effort.

Watch a terrifying new trailer for sci-fi horror flick Morgan, directed by Ridley Scott’s son
Jun 27, 2016

The first trailer did a good job of setting a creepy tone, but our latest look at Morgan sets the stakes for what looks to be one of the freakiest sci-fi horror flicks of the year.

First trailer for Morgan, the new sci-fi horror film from Ridley Scott's son
May 25, 2016

Ridley Scott’s son Luke is following along in the family business of sci-fi horror, and now we have the first peek at his ambitious feature debut: Morgan.

Ridley Scott's son directs haunting sci-fi short
Dec 17, 2012

Luke Scott is a chip off the old block. The aspiring filmmaker has premiered a beautiful short film called Loom. It's presented by his father Ridley Scott, and has a slick style that's reminiscent of his dad's earlier work.