Luke Evans

Class warfare takes a surreal twist in latest trailer for Tom Hiddleston’s High-Rise
Mar 16, 2016

A new trailer for the near-future tale High-Rise has been released, offering up a deeper dive into the class warfare we’ll find at the top (and bottom) of the skyscrapers humanity calls home.

That remake of The Crow may finally be dead
Aug 3, 2015

Even The Crow himself may not be able to come back from the latest turn of events for this troubled film.

Sam Witwer as The Crow? James O'Barr on casting, Luke Evans exit, budget issues
Feb 9, 2015

At Wizard World Comic Con, the creator of the comic that inspired the cult classic film offered updates about the reboot and insight on what has been holding up the project.

Vlad vs. Vlad, part 3: Luke Evans on the real Dracula, Universal Monsters...and fangs-fests?
Feb 5, 2015

In our final video from Romania, we discuss Evans' thoughts on the real Vlad, when he first encountered Dracula, and how the vampire might behave in the Monsters franchise.

Vlad vs. Vlad, part 2: More with Luke Evans about Dracula Untold, and a visit to the Impaler's house
Feb 4, 2015

In the second video of our visit to Romania, we talk more with the actor, and visit the Transylvanian's royal court to speak about Vlad the strategist -- and commando!

Vlad vs. Vlad: An interview with Luke Evans about Dracula Untold, and an exploration of the Impaler's Romania
Feb 3, 2015

We journey to Transylvania, and surrounding Romania, with Luke Evans to stake out the facts and fiction of Universal's Dracula Untold.

Luke Evans officially says no to The Crow reboot. Who will play Eric Draven?
Jan 26, 2015

Now, that's a bummer: Luke Evans has officially left The Crow reboot. So who'll get to play Eric Draven, now?

Two new international Dracula Untold trailers feature a bat-flurry of new footage
Sep 3, 2014

Two new international trailers for Dracula Untold have been unleashed, featuring a bat-flurry of brand-new, exciting footage.

Go back to the beginning in new Dracula Untold behind-the-scenes footage
Jul 11, 2014

There’s a new video for Dracula Untold that gives us a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of this brand-new interpretation of the Dracula mythos.

Hobbit star defends the final film's Battle of Five Armies title change
May 2, 2014

Bard the Bowman has some thoughts for those objecting to the loss of There and Back Again.

The Crow star promises reboot isn't about 'ripping off' the 1994 cult hit
Jan 9, 2014

Considering the reverence that still surrounds the original Crow, fandom is a little divided over plans to remake the modern classic — but new star Luke Evans wants to help curb our fears.

The Hobbit casts 2 more: Guess who's playing Smaug the dragon?
Dec 14, 2012

Although filming is firmly underway in New Zealand for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit parts 1 and 2, there were still some secondary characters that needed to be cast, including the voice of Smaug the Dragon and Bard the Bowman. Well, it's done. Cast. Revealed. And guess who got the parts?