Luke Cage

Luke Cage villain confirms he'll be back for Season 2

The first season of Netflix’s Luke Cage went through its fair share of baddies, but now we know at least one of them will be coming back for Year 2.

Mike Colter says Sigourney Weaver's big bad connects the Defenders

Netflix’s upcoming Defenders miniseries brings all the Marvel streaming shows together, and Luke Cage himself has revealed there may have been a few connections that were there all along — we just missed them.

Luke Cage's Mike Colter joins alien invasion movie Extinction
Apr 21, 2017

Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage star Mike Colter may be set to battle aliens in Extinction.

Marvel's Netflix Defenders team is getting a comic series
Jan 11, 2017

Before they team up on Netflix, The Defenders are taking on New York in a new comic series.

More familiar faces join the crowded cast of The Defenders
Nov 2, 2016

Soon you won't be able to walk down the street in New York City without tripping over a member of the Netflix Marvel universe.

Misty Knight vs. Jessica Jones in new set pics, teaser trailer for Defenders
Nov 1, 2016

Misty Knight vs. Jessica Jones in new Defenders set pics, and a new promo reveals returning stars.