Lost in Space

Netflix's Lost in Space remake completes the main cast by adding a Bones alum
Dec 14, 2016

They took their sweet time, but Netflix has finally found the final piece of the Lost in Space remake casting puzzle.

Danger, Will Robinson! Netflix's Lost in Space TV series has cast its Dr. Smith
Nov 23, 2016

Netflix’s upcoming Lost in Space TV series has finally found its Dr. Smith, but there’s a tiny little catch.

Netflix's Lost in Space remake casts a Deadwood alum as Maureen Robinson
Sep 29, 2016

Netflix’s Lost in Space remake has found its female lead in Deadwood and House of Cards actress Molly Parker.

Lost in Space remake lands Black Sails alum as lead, and casts its Will Robinson
Sep 20, 2016

Following the news that Taylor Russell has been cast the role of Judy Robinson on Netflix’s upcoming Lost in Space remake, now comes word that the series has found not only its young Will Robinson, but also their father.

Netflix's Lost in Space remake has found its Judy Robinson
Sep 19, 2016

Danger Will Robinson! Netflix’s Lost in Space remake has found its first Robinson family member in a Falling Skies actress.

This guy built a spot-on replica of the retro-future computer from Lost in Space
Aug 22, 2016

There’s just something about retro-future tech from 1950s and 1960s science fiction, so one intrepid fan decided to bring a little bit of it to life.

Danger, Will Robinson! Lost in Space remake in development at Netflix as new series
Nov 23, 2015

The Robinsons are about to be lost in space again in a new remake currently in the works at Netflix.

Irwin Allen's original Lost In Space series scores a deluxe 18-disc Blu-ray set
Apr 9, 2015

The campy sci-fi series comes to Blu-ray for the first time in this dangerously cool collection.

Prepare to get Lost in Space ... again. A TV reboot is in the works
Oct 10, 2014

Legendary wants to send the Robinsons back into space. Are you ready to get lost all over again?

8 once-amazing sci-fi devices now inferior to real-life gadgets
Dec 14, 2012

Of all the many amazing things about sci-fi, one of our favorites is that it sometimes comes true. Fictional tech, concepts which once represented the extreme limits of the imaginations of our greatest sci fi writers, can become real—but often the reality puts the dream to shame.

The 16 least scary sci-fi movie and TV monsters
Dec 14, 2012

Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies are filled with creatures who are supposed to be so horrifying that men freeze in place and women burst into eardrum-shattering screams at the very sight of them. But some of these monsters intended to boggle our imaginations were the product of folks who wouldn't know what was scary even if it shuffled up and bit them.

Bob May, Lost in Space's Robot, is dead at 69
Dec 14, 2012

Bob May, the former stuntman who played the robot in the 1960s TV series Lost in Space, has died.