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Ouch! See which sci-fi films picked up those 'coveted' Razzie Awards
Mar 3, 2014

The night before the best in cinema was celebrated at the Oscars, the worst in cinema was celebrated at the Razzies, and genre films were well represented.

Which 2013 genre films got the 'honor' of a Golden Razzie nomination?
Jan 15, 2014

It's awards season, and that means it's time to honor the worst right along with the best.

Mark Wahlberg blasts media for 'targeting' films like Lone Ranger
Aug 7, 2013

Another movie star just claimed the media is out to get summer blockbusters, and this one isn't even in The Lone Ranger.

Here's how much The Lone Ranger bomb will end up costing Disney
Aug 7, 2013

Just how big a hit will Disney take for The Lone Ranger?

Depp and Hammer slam movie critics for being mean to Lone Ranger
Aug 5, 2013

First The Lone Ranger's producer called out the film's critics. Now it's the stars' turn.

Bruckheimer thinks we're all gonna change our minds about Lone Ranger someday
Jul 30, 2013

Did you hate The Lone Ranger? If so, megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer thinks that you'll change your mind ... someday.

Advocacy group attacks Lone Ranger for 'disheartening' plot decision
Jul 24, 2013

Another day, another reason Disney probably really wishes it hadn't made The Lone Ranger.

Use this handy flowchart to find the summer blockbuster that's right for you
Jul 2, 2013

Can't decide what to watch this summer? Good news! There's a flowchart for that.

See more of that insane train robbery in latest Lone Ranger trailer
May 21, 2013

The latest trailer for The Lone Ranger is loaded with new footage, and we finally get to see a little more of that utterly insane train job we’ve glimpsed in previous teasers.

Bonham-Carter blasts a leg bazooka in new Asian Lone Ranger trailer
Mar 13, 2013

Here's the latest trailer for Gore Verbinski's legendary western with some explosive new "foot"-age.

Johnny Depp steals the show in 1st trailer for The Lone Ranger
Dec 17, 2012

Back in July, a select few got to glimpse the first footage from Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger at San Diego Comic-Con. Now the first trailer for the flick has hit the 'net for all to see ... and the title character's not really around all that much.

Why the Lone Ranger will have 'a little of the Dark Knight in him'
Dec 17, 2012

Next year, Disney's bringing back The Lone Ranger in a Gore Verbinski adaptation that will expose a new generation to the masked man. The film stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network, J. Edgar), who'll play a slightly different version of the character.

Hi-Yo, Comic-Con! We've seen the 1st footage from The Lone Ranger
Dec 17, 2012

Moderator Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead) promised a surprise at the end of the Comic-Con Disney presentation and we got one—the first-ever look at footage from next year's The Lone Ranger.