Lone Ranger

New trailer hints the Lone Ranger's got a supernatural origin
Jan 14, 2013

A new, extended trailer for Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger flick has been released—and it's definitely starting to look like Pirates of the Caribbean, cowboy edition. Want to see?

Rumor of the day: Start of Depp's Lone Ranger movie pushed back again
Dec 16, 2012

It seems like the start of production on Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger movie has been pushed back again...and this time it's personal.

Hold your horses—Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger not quite dead!
Dec 15, 2012

Late Friday, we shared the stunning announcement that Disney had halted production on The Lone Ranger due to its silver-rich budget galloping north of $250 million. The blockbuster western starring Johnny Depp even had a release date for Christmas 2012, battling it out with the first leg of The Hobbit.

Johnny Depp's canceled Lone Ranger rescued by pay cuts
Dec 15, 2012

Disney was hoping to reunite its Pirates of the Caribbean team—actor Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski—for a big-budget reboot of the classic, but when the costs shot through the roof, the studio pulled the plug. Now, after trimming the budget, The Lone Ranger will ride again.

Jerry Bruckheimer reveals what got cut to save his Lone Ranger pic
Dec 15, 2012

Last week, Johnny Depp's long-in-development Long Ranger epic was finally revived after the production team made $45 million in Disney-requested budget cuts. So what did the flick have to lose in order to get made? Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer lays it out.

Lone Ranger-style budget cuts could save that big-screen Dark Tower
Dec 15, 2012

It's been three months since Universal dropped its support of Ron Howard's massive film and TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, and the project is still showing signs of life. Script rewrites have removed a hefty chunk of the budget, and producer Brian Grazer is confident that because of those changes, "It's gonna get made."

Depp to give Lone Ranger's Tonto the Jack Sparrow treatment
Dec 14, 2012

Johnny Depp will put his usual spin on the Native American character in the upcoming Western.

Rogen: Green Hornet will include homage to a famous cowboy
Dec 14, 2012

Green Hornet will mention that Britt Reid is related to the Lone Ranger.