Logan breaks into song in spirited new How it Should Have Ended video

Wolverine makes a marvelous singing mutant as this new video clearly shows.

Watch Hugh Jackman slash his way through the X-Men movies in Wolverine supercut video

Snikt! If you’re going through Logan withdrawals, you should check out this new supercut video featuring (almost) every Wolverine slash.

Image of the Day: Hugh Jackman holds up the classic Wolverine mask
Mar 13, 2017

Hugh Jackman teases the one version of Wolverine he never got to play.

Caliban showed up in both Logan and X-Men: Apocalypse due to lack of communication
Mar 13, 2017

See, there's a reason why Marvel Studios has a guy like Kevin Feige at the top to make sure everything fits correctly.

James Mangold reveals how Richard Donner's Superman inspired Logan
Mar 10, 2017

If you've seen director James Mangold's brutal, heartbreaking Logan, you know it doesn't have a whole lot of things in common with Richard Donner's aw-shucks approach to Superman in the late '70s. But that doesn't mean Wolverine's farewell didn't draw some inspiration from the Man of Steel's classic stories.

Logan: grim concept art hints at deleted scenes
Mar 9, 2017

Check out these newly revealed concept art images for Logan's futuristic landscape.

Patrick Stewart teases Professor X in Deadpool 2, openness to Legion cameo
Mar 7, 2017

Logan put a bow not just on Wolverine's story but also on the X-Men's story in a lot of ways. But, despite his apparent retirement, Patrick Stewart is still leaving the door open for Professor X to pop back up in a few places.

James Mangold is up for a future-set Logan spinoff focused on X-23
Mar 7, 2017

James Mangold's Logan provided a very tangible ending to Wolverine's story, but in the world of modern comic book movies, that doesn't mean we still won't get a sequel down the line. But, how would that work?

Hugh Jackman offers video farewell for 17 years of Wolverine
Mar 7, 2017

Hugh Jackman says goodbye to Wolverine with this emotional Instagram video.

Why a scene explaining what happened to the X-Men was cut from Logan
Mar 6, 2017

One of Logan's greatest "unresolved" questions revolved around what the heck happened to the X-Men. Although never specifically stated, it's been heavily implied that a certain someone may have been responsible for the whole team's demise.