Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin unveils manned space station that could reach Mars by 2028
May 18, 2016

NASA’s mission to reach Mars has never been heavy on detail, but now Lockheed Martin is trying to fill in one of the biggest gaps — where we’ll hang out before reaching the surface of the Red Planet.

Lockheed Martin developing new space habitat designed as 'proving ground' for Mars
Apr 14, 2016

Along with developing NASA’s Orion crew capsule, Lockheed Martin is also working on a new space habitat the company believes could be the “proving ground” for the technology that will get us to Mars.

Why engineers are blasting NASA's Orion spaceship with 1,500 maxed-out stereo speakers
Mar 9, 2016

Before NASA actually shoots a ship into space, the agency puts it through some exhaustive testing to make sure it can handle the stresses of space travel.

Lockheed Martin and DARPA attached a laser canon to a business class jet
Oct 19, 2015

The defense research firm Lockheed Martin has figured out how to attach a laser weapon to a business class jet — and it works. So, when the aliens attack, we’ll be able to retrofit jets to help fight off the attackers. Huzzah!

Lockheed Martin aims to build new version of 1950s Cold War spy plane U-2
Aug 21, 2015

Researchers at military contractor Lockheed Martin are looking to the past for inspiration about the future of spying. To be specific, they want to make a modern-day version of the 1950s U-2 spy plane, which played a key role in some of the biggest crises of the past few decades.