Life finds a terrifying way in red band trailer and featurettes for Sony's sci-fi thriller
Mar 14, 2017

Sony Pictures has debuted a terrifying new red band trailer and two new featurettes for its upcoming sci-fi thriller Life.

Get closer to Life's deadly alien in extended sneak peek
Mar 8, 2017

Sony has unveiled a tense new sneak peek at director Daniel Espinosa's (Safe House) Life along with a bunch of new images.

Martian fibers feast on the crew in international TV spots for Life
Feb 23, 2017

Here's a new pair of Life promos that really ramp up the sci-fi fear factor.

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal have a deadly Life encounter in new featurette
Feb 18, 2017

Sony has released a new video featurette (and a poster) for their upcoming sci-fi thriller Life.

Life turns deadly for Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal in new trailer
Feb 13, 2017

The latest trailer not only includes some cool new footage but also something that's been MIA from the previous offerings: some moments of levity (which are set to "Spirit in the Sky," at that).

Deadpool team brings you menacing look at first contact in Life trailer
Oct 31, 2016

And you thought Ryan Reynolds and the writers of Deadpool were only good at snark.