Lex Luthor

Metallo returns and Lex Luthor’s warsuit is revealed in extended Supergirl promo
Feb 7, 2017

While this week's episode of Supergirl saw the White Martians go after Miss Martian (Sharon Leal) and the rest of the DEO gang, next week's new installment will center on the Luthors.

Batman v Superman deleted scene reveals new WTF moment
Mar 28, 2016

A just-released deleted scene from the superhero throwdown adds a bizarre new wrinkle to the story. Spoilers ahead!

Jesse Eisenberg says Lex Luthor comes with a tragic backstory
Jan 8, 2016

And the scene in which he loses his hair? Eisenberg says it's “the greatest scene that I've ever gotten to take part in.”

This Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice action figure might've revealed a major twist
Jan 4, 2016

With so much synergy surrounding blockbusters these days, it’s no surprise that at least some intel has to be released well in advance to allow for toy and merchandise manufacturing. Well, score one for the action figure market.

Rumor of the Day: This DC villain shows up in Batman v. Superman
Jul 30, 2015

Hardcore DC Comics fans should be on the lookout for a human easter egg when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice rolls into theaters next year.

The superhero trailer that outdoes ANYTHING from the Super Bowl
Jul 4, 2015

Whether you loved the Captain America and Thor spots that aired during the Super Bowl or felt they lacked a little something, this new cinematic from the DC Universe Online game is a three-minute chunk of awesome that puts them both to shame.

New official images from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have arrived
Jul 2, 2015

Ahead of what's sure to be an epic Comic-Con appearance, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has unveiled some new images.

Jesse Eisenberg on the 'emotional core' to Batman v Superman's Lex Luthor
Jun 19, 2015

We’ll be getting a brand-new spin on classic DC villain Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, but just because he’s (kinda) the bad guy, don’t think that means he’ll be one-note.


Rumor of the Day: Here's what Lex Luthor will wear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
May 18, 2015

While we already know Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will be the main villain of Batman v Superman: DOJ, there was something we didn't know about him yet. Until now.

1st look at Jesse Eisenberg's very bald Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman
Mar 25, 2015

This morning, Jesse Eisenberg made his Internet debut as Lex Luthor. Check out the Oscar nominee's intimidating new look.