Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to revive Captain Planet on the big screen
Oct 18, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio is joining forces with Paramount Pictures and Scream Queens star Glen Powell and his writing partner Jono Matt (Sons of Anarchy) to bring Captain Planet to the big screen.

Warner, DiCaprio entering Twilight Zone
Jul 4, 2015

They have hired screenwriter Rand Ravich to come up with a new feature-film based on the series.

Does the world really need another Twilight Zone remake?
Jul 4, 2015

Thanks to producer Leonardo DiCaprio, we're getting one—Warner Bros. has just hired a writer to deliver a new take on a Twilight Zone movie. But haven't these bones been picked over enough already?

Why Leonardo DiCaprio thinks 2001: A Space Odyssey is essential
Jun 25, 2015

The star of James Cameron's other record-breaking blockbuster considers the sci-fi classic "a spiritual experience."

Leo DiCaprio was nearly the Riddler in Dark Knight Rises?
Dec 17, 2012

Well, this is interesting. With the final installment of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga set to open next month, some new background about the development of the flick has come out via some interviews with the cast and crew. Most tantalizing? Tom Hardy's Bane wasn't the first idea for Batman's final baddie.

Rumor of the Day: DiCaprio and Singer remaking 6 Million Dollar Man
Dec 15, 2012

Universal has been trying to reboot The Six Million Dollar Man for years: Kevin Smith wrote a screenplay, stars like Chris Rock and Jim Carrey have been attached to comedy versions of it—but rumor has it that a pair of Hollywood heavy hitters will bring the bionic man back from the dead.

Why Christopher Nolan was afraid you'd laugh at Inception
Dec 14, 2012

Christopher Nolan was worried that his movie about dreams, Inception, could get silly if he went too far into the weirdness of dreams.

3 famous sci-fi roles Leonardo DiCaprio rejected before Inception
Dec 14, 2012

Some blockbuster sci-fi films might have been VERY different had Leonardo DiCaprio chosen to sign on for three iconic roles. We're still trying to wrap our brains around what these famous franchises would have been like with a little Leo magic, but check out what he revealed in a recent interview and let us know what you think.

Report: DiCaprio casting Ninja Scroll with Japanese musicians
Dec 14, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio is considering casting Japan's SMAP group as the main leads.

DiCaprio's company developing gothic Riding Hood
Dec 14, 2012

The actor's Appian Way is developing a Gothic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale.