13 Embarrassing Horror Movies From Star Trek Actors


Talented actors. Poor choices. 

Watch: Leonard Nimoy's son on his father's legacy, new documentary


Fans across the globe are still mourning the loss of Leonard Nimoy, but one of the first Trek fans on the planet is putting together a documentary to help us all heal a little bit faster.

New For The Love Of Spock trailer honors the late Leonard Nimoy's iconic Vulcan


Here's the new SDCC trailer for the touching Spock documentary by Nimoy's son, Adam.

Leonard Nimoy documentary lands Star Trek-friendly release date


A documentary on the late, great actor will arrive later this year -- right around a historic date.

Beam into a touching new trailer for Adam Nimoy's For The Love Of Spock


Here's the first teaser for the crowdfunded Spock tribute film by Leonard Nimoy's son.

Exclusive: Julie Nimoy and David Knight on Leonard Nimoy and their new documentary


Leonard Nimoy's daughter and son-in-law are making a new documentary about the late star, and they want your help.

Star Trek beams up rare photos of Leonard Nimoy and cool archival material


Roddenberry Entertainment has beamed up rare archival items from its Star Trek Vault.

Report: William Shatner working on official biography of Leonard Nimoy


The late Leonard Nimoy will get to "live long and prosper" thanks to the mind-melding pen of his BFF William Shatner.

The modern-day Star Trek cast bids farewell to Leonard Nimoy in new clip


The final entry in the Star Trek Beyond promo campaign for the Omaze charity project has arrived, and it’s a fond farewell to a legend.

Image of the Day: William Shatner reveals this moving Star Trek selfie tribute to Leonard Nimoy


William Shatner unveiled this touching tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy made out of selfies sent by over 6,000 Star Trek fans.