Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek beams up rare photos of Leonard Nimoy and cool archival material
Nathalie Caron

Roddenberry Entertainment has beamed up rare archival items from its Star Trek Vault.

Report: William Shatner working on official biography of Leonard Nimoy
Nathalie Caron

The late Leonard Nimoy will get to "live long and prosper" thanks to the mind-melding pen of his BFF William Shatner.

The modern-day Star Trek cast bids farewell to Leonard Nimoy in new clip
Trent Moore

The final entry in the Star Trek Beyond promo campaign for the Omaze charity project has arrived, and it’s a fond farewell to a legend.

Image of the Day: William Shatner reveals this moving Star Trek selfie tribute to Leonard Nimoy
Nathalie Caron

William Shatner unveiled this touching tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy made out of selfies sent by over 6,000 Star Trek fans.

Nimoy was NOT happy he was passed over for Star Trek V's villain
Trent Moore

The 1989 release Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is generally regarded by Trek fans as one of the worst in the canon. With a rogue Vulcan trying to find God at the center of the universe, and the Enterprise crew in hot pursuit, it was definitely a weird premise. But, it could have been a whole lot weirder.

Leonard Nimoy's son wants you to help fund his Spock documentary
Matthew Jackson

Leonard Nimoy's son is asking Star Trek fans everywhere to pitch in on his new documentary.

Star Trek 3 title revealed! Simon Pegg talks Leonard Nimoy tribute and teases Idris Elba’s role
Nathalie Caron

Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy may be gone, but he won't be forgotten when the third installment of the rebooted franchise hits the screens in 2016. Also, here's the title for Star Trek 3.

Leonard Nimoy's son mounting new documentary For the Love of Spock
Trent Moore

The world is still mourning the loss of Leonard Nimoy, and now the acclaimed actor’s son has announced plans to produce and direct a new documentary about his father.

William Shatner talks the 'mythological component' of Star Trek convention fandom
Nathalie Caron

Why do people go to Star Trek conventions -- or any convention, for that matter? William Shatner has a theory.

Watch vintage 1986 Leonard Nimoy interview for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Trent Moore

We’re all still reeling from the death of sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy, so what better way to say goodbye than by listening to the man himself talk classic Star Trek?


See the finished Star Trek Online memorial to the late Leonard Nimoy
Matthew Jackson

Check out the memorial to Leonard Nimoy and his character, Spock, that now has a permanent place in the Star Trek world.

Zachary Quinto talks why Leonard Nimoy was a "father figure" to him
Dany Roth

Hear the emotional story of how learning how to be Spock from Leonard Nimoy turned into so much more for Zachary Quinto.