Here's a first eye-opening peek at the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO sets
Jeff Spry

Check out Kylo Ren's shuttle, Rey's speeder and Poe's X-Wing fighter in these LEGO set preview images.

Guy makes Pacific Rim-style exoskeleton out of LEGOs in his bedroom
Trent Moore

Sure, we already have exoskeleton tech that can mimic the concepts we’ve seen in movies like Pacific Rim — but have you ever seen a guy pull off that technical feat with LEGOs and a cellphone in his bedroom?

Warner Brothers to make Lego movie

Warner Brothers and producer Roy Lee are developing a movie based on the Lego toy line.

1st teaser trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean ... the LEGO version
Carol Pinchefsky

If we know anything about Captain Jack Sparrow, we know he gets into a lot of scrapes, but always lands on his feet. And now that Disney has released the teaser trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, we get to see it in full-on LEGO goodness.

Exclusive: LEGO San Diego Comic-Con booth figure reveal
Tara Bennett

Check out a sneak peek of LEGO's 15,000-brick display for next week's big show.

This fan-made LEGO Doctor Who game video makes us long for a timeline in which we could play it
Nathalie Caron

The Eleventh Doctor is getting his own adventure through time and space in this brilliant fan-made LEGO Doctor Who gameplay video.

21-year-old inventor uses half a million LEGOs to build a working car
Carol Pinchefsky

Everything is awesome with LEGO. But nothing is more awesome than this air-powered car.

Father and daughter use $100,000 in LEGOs to make epic Jurassic Park mini-movie
Carol Pinchefsky

Check out this awesome Jurassic Park stop-motion animated film. It's three minutes of homemade LEGO fun.

Check out the first official trailer for LEGO Jurassic World
Nathalie Caron

LEGO has finally released the first official trailer for its new Jurassic World videogame.

This superb LEGO diorama shows how Boba Fett fled the Sarlacc Pit
Jeff Spry

Boba Fett lives in this wildly creative multilevel LEGO masterpiece.

Star Wars at Toy Fair 2015: The best of the toy empire, even if the Force didn't awaken
Tara Bennett

Even though there were no Episode VII goodies to be seen this year, there were still enough Star Wars toys to fill a Jawa's Sandcrawler. These are our favorites.