Matt Damon battles Chinese monsters in newest trailer for The Great Wall
Oct 8, 2016

It's New York Comic Con, and the second official trailer for Zhang Yimou's upcoming Hollywood monster movie has been unleashed. 

Star Trek Beyond's Justin Lin is developing a Hot Wheels movie
Sep 29, 2016

Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin is exchanging the warp engines of the Enterprise and speedy cars of the Fast & Furious movie franchise for even more cars with Mattel’s Hot Wheels.

Legendary to adapt Square Enix's award-winning video game Life is Strange
Jul 28, 2016

Legendary Digital Studios and Square Enix are coming together to adapt Life Is Strange, the award-winning episodic video game from the Japanese gaming giant.

Suicide Squad's Scott Eastwood set for a key role in Pacific Rim 2
Jul 1, 2016

Looks like Legendary Pictures is eyeing Scott Eastwood for a key role in the Pacific Rim sequel.

Amazon orders supernatural drama pilot Carnival Row from Guillermo del Toro
Jun 7, 2016

Guillermo del Toro has another TV project in the works, with Amazon Studios finally picking up Carnival Row to pilot.

Meet the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl in first official trailer
Mar 30, 2016

The first official trailer for the upcoming Electra Woman & Dyna Girl movie is here.

Legendary partners with ScareHouse attraction for Krampus prequel haunt
Sep 15, 2015

In news released early, exclusively, to Blastr, we have learned that Legendary is collaborating with Pittsburgh Halloween attraction ScareHouse to unveil more of the story from its upcoming film Krampus.

Looks like Kong: Skull Island just lost two-thirds of its principal cast
Jul 1, 2015

Looks like the upcoming King Kong-inspired movie Kong: Skull Island may've lost two-thirds of its principal cast.

Here's our first look at the new Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Mar 11, 2015

Following the awesome news that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl was getting rebooted as a new web series, now we have our first look at the superhero gals' brand-new look.

Classic 1990s puzzle game Myst being developed as mystery TV series
Oct 7, 2014

Dust off your mouse, because one of the most successful point-and-click adventure games in history is about to make a comeback on the small screen.

Godzilla will be back + he's bringing Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah and Gareth Edwards with him
Jul 26, 2014

A sequel to this summer's Godzilla reboot is going to happen ... and this time the big green guy might be bringing a few pals of his to the party.

Rumor of the day: Studio prepping movie based on Marvel's Namor for 2016
May 16, 2014

Word broke recently that Legendary Pictures and Universal are prepping a major, secret tentpole movie to open Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 — and it might just be a Marvel movie.

World War Z author's vamps-vs.-zombies comic Extinction Parade coming to TV
Apr 24, 2014

Though it took a few years and a ton of rewrites, Max Brooks' novel World War Z finally made it to the big screen. Here’s hoping his next project happens a little faster.