The Lazarus Effect

Jason Blum talks the state of horror, Flatliners inspiration for The Lazarus Effect
Mar 4, 2015

If you’ve seen a horror movie over the past decade, there’s a solid chance Jason Blum had a hand in making it happen. His latest flick is The Lazarus Effect, and it looks like a very fun riff on Flatliners.

Olivia Wilde is absolutely terrifying in new trailer for sci-fi horror flick Lazarus Effect
Feb 3, 2015

February is typically a dumping ground for troubled films, but here’s hoping it might hold a few surprises. One promising option: the upcoming sci-fi horror flick The Lazarus Effect.

Olivia Wilde is back from the dead in first trailer for Flatliners-esque The Lazarus Effect
Jan 7, 2015

The studio that brought us Paranormal Activity and Insidious is taking on straight-up sci-fi horror in the first trailer for The Lazarus Effect.