Lauren Shuler Donner

X-Men producer reveals the holdup with that Deadpool movie
May 13, 2014

Fox has heard our prayers and greenlit more X-Men spinoffs. Gambit is already a go, so where does that leave Deadpool?

Deadpool producer insists: 'We will redeem him'
Dec 15, 2012

Fact: Ryan Reynolds was pretty damn cool as Deadpool in the first Wolverine movie. Other fact: almost everyone of us hated how the character eventually turned out towards the end of the film and how he ... um ... died. But fear not: the character will be redeemed in his still-in-the-works upcoming solo outing.

If you're hoping for X-Men 4 anytime soon, don't hold your breath
Dec 15, 2012

Sure, X-Men: First Class was awesome and it ''revitalised'' the X-Men franchise. But what we really want to see is an X-Men 4, right? Well, don't hold your breath, 'cause it aint happenin' any time soon.

Magneto prequel still possible, depending on Wolverine
Dec 14, 2012

Producer Lauren Shuler-Donner updates us on her genre projects.

Producer denies Wolverine rumors, talks about leak
Dec 14, 2012

Lauren Shuler-Donner talks with us exclusively about the X-Men prequel.