Lauren Cohan

Steven Yeun explains why Glenn hasn't killed anyone on The Walking Dead
Feb 8, 2016

A Walking Dead fan favorite, Glenn is the only one of our group of zombie-apocalypse survivors who hasn't taken a life. Steven Yeun explains why he thinks that is.

In just one minute, The Boy trailer will unsettle the hell out of you
Jan 20, 2016

“If this thing is some kind of spirit or ghost, it is not the good kind.”

Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan cares for a crazy killer doll in new trailer for The Boy
Jan 6, 2016

Check out this latest teaser for The Boy, starring Maggie from The Walking Dead!

Walking Dead cast and crew promise 'a huge change' is coming in new S5 featurette
Dec 11, 2014

The zombie series The Walking Dead hit its midseason finale with a head-exploding shocker, and the cast and crew are already talking up the insanity to come in the back half of season five.

Walking Dead star teases Terminus might be a very 'bad idea'
Mar 10, 2014

Terminus could offer sanctuary, or be filled with cannibals ready to chomp on our favorite characters. Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan is leaning toward the latter.

Walking Dead's Maggie explains why it's a good thing she's separated from Glenn
Mar 7, 2014

According to Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan, the current arc of the zombie series is so good it's even worth saying goodbye to her TV husband ... for a while.

Walking Dead star reveals that mystery flu's even worse than we thought
Oct 23, 2013

The first two episodes of The Walking Dead’s new season made it pretty obvious what the big bad is this season — but apparently things get even worse than we thought. Seriously, it gets bad.

Walking Dead star on remaining eps: 'The body count is not done'
Jan 14, 2013

After catching our breath (a little) with the latest episode of The Walking Dead, star Lauren Cohan says the body count is about to start climbing again soon—and her character Maggie is right in the middle of it all. Spoilers ahead!