The Last Ship

The mission is far from over in explosive new trailer for The Last Ship's new season
Mar 28, 2016

Michael Bay’s post-apocalyptic action series The Last Ship might’ve wrapped several storylines last season, but there’s still a whole lot more action yet to come.

Exclusive: The Last Ship cast on the upcoming season
Jul 13, 2015

Find out what's in store for humanity's last hope as we chat up the crew of the USS Nathan James.

A new enemy surfaces in first explosive trailer for The Last Ship Season 2
Apr 8, 2015

By the time the screen went black on season one, TNT’s The Last Ship had evolved into one heck of a fun action series last summer. Now here’s our first look at year two.

Falling Skies renewed for 5th and final season! The Last Ship also picks up early renewal
Jul 18, 2014

Falling Skies is coming back for a fifth and final season, while The Last Ship will also return for a second, bigger season order.

Exclusive: Dystopia is out to sea with Michael Bay's The Last Ship
Jul 3, 2014

The cast and crew of TNT's post-apocalyptic naval drama talk about bringing a world in crisis to life, and how close we are to going from sci-fi to reality.

It's the end of the world in extended trailer for TNT's sci-fi series The Last Ship
Apr 24, 2014

A lengthy new trailer for TNT’s new sci-fi series The Last Ship has been released, showing off a ton of action and world-building for the last survivors still hanging on.

Get a look at TNT's apocalypse with new 2 min. trailer for The Last Ship
Mar 20, 2014

Ahead of the series debut this summer, TNT has revealed a lengthy new trailer that digs into its apocalyptic new series The Last Ship. Want to see?

Pirates! The apocalypse! 1st look at Michael Bay's 2 new TV series
May 7, 2013

Michael Bay's latest projects: An apocalyptic military tale, and a hard-nosed pirate series. Want to see?

TNT's Fall: Human Target-ish series plus post-pandemic thriller
Dec 17, 2012

After going full on sci-fi with the alien invasion hit Falling Skies, TNT is ramping up a few more sci-fi-ish projects that could make it to air this fall. Among them? A post pandemic thriller about a virus that takes out half the planet, and a new action drama that sounds quite a bit like Fox's late, comic-based Human Target.