Kristen Stewart

Sexy vamps (plus a werewolf) rule in 11 new Breaking Dawn 2 pics
Trent Moore

With the final installment in the Twilight saga just a few months away, the studio has released 11 new promo pics showing off the main vamps and a ruggedly handsome werewolf to help tide fans over until then.

Kristen Stewart promises 'really weird' Breaking Dawn 2 ending
Trent Moore

We'd already heard that the eagerly anticipated finale to the long-running Twilight saga was taking some liberties from the books, and now series star Kristen Stewart has chimed in on the matter. According to her, things are about to get "really weird."

Bella shows off her vampy strength in new Breaking Dawn 2 clip
Trent Moore

A new clip from the final installment in the Twilight saga has been released, showing off Bella (Kristen Stewart) as she demonstrates her vampy super-powers in Breaking Dawn 2. So does she win that arm-wrestling match?

10+ mins of new Breaking Dawn 2 clips filled with vampy intrigue
Trent Moore

We're just a few weeks away from the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and a ton of new footage has made it out into the wild showing all sorts of vampiric intrigue among the Cullens.

Edward and Jacob are broody as ever in 2 new Breaking Dawn 2 pics
Krystal Clark

The final installment of The Twilight Saga is upon us. The franchise, which debuted in 2008, will come to a close with this fall's Breaking Dawn—Part 2. To kick-off the insane marketing campaign, Summit Entertainment has released two photos featuring Edward, Bella and the forever scorned, Jacob Black.

Studio remaking Orwell's 1984 ... with Twilight's Kristen Stewart attached to star
Trent Moore

Good news, George Orwell fans! An updated remake of 1984 is in the works. The not-so-good news? They’ve taken some interesting liberties with the casting choices.

2 major sci-fi stars came in last on list of most trustworthy celebs
Trent Moore

Who are the least trusted Hollywood actors in America? Apparently, a few bona fide sci-fi stars.

Which blockbuster fantasy star just got voted least sexy actress?
Trent Moore

The voters have spoken, and a famous fantasy actress has taken the crown as the least sexy leading lady out there.

Snow White NOT the fairest of all: Universal drops Kristen Stewart
Krystal Clark

Snow White is out of a job. Universal Pictures has decided to scrap their plans for a sequel to last June's Snow White and the Huntsman. Instead, they're gearing up for a spin-off that will focus more on her axe-wielding companion.

Wait—Kristen Stewart ISN'T out of Snow White 2 after all?
Trent Moore

You know all the fuss about Universal dropping Snow White from their upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman sequel? False! Turns out, original star Kristen Stewart (Twilight) is most definitely still in the mix to come back for part two with co-star Chris Hemsworth (Thor).

1st look at Kristen Stewart as Breaking Dawn's vampire Bella
Krystal Clark

The Twilight Saga is almost complete. For the franchise finale Breaking Dawn—Part 2, Bella's gone through some serious changes, and we've discovered footage of her "vampy" new look.

Bella uses sparkly vamp powers to hunt deer in new Twilight trailer
Trent Moore

We may be nearly eight months out from the final installment of the Twilight saga, but that hasn't stopped the studio from letting loose the first teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, giving us our first in-motion look at the new vampire Bella.

Check out Snow White and the Huntsman's intense Spanish trailer
Nathalie Caron

We just got a new and thrilling Snow White and the Huntsman trailer that's so cool, you'll hardly notice this one's in Spanish—even if you don't speak the language of Don Quixote.

The first Twilight's director 'thought the script was horrible'

Looking back at her involvement in the now-gargantuan Twilight franchise, director Catherine Hardwicke recalls knowing that there was something special in the teen-angst-athon romance between pale Bella Swan and sparkly Edward Cullen—if only she could make the crap screenplay less crappy.

Steamy Breaking Dawn sex scene originally earned film R rating
Carol Pinchefsky

Twihards have been waiting for Breaking Dawn for years, and after three movies (and books) filled with endless longing, we finally get Edward and Bella's wedding...and Edward and Bella's wedding night. The director, Bill Condon, must have been excited too. Maybe a little too excited.