Kong: Skull Island

All hail these 4 new thrilling promos for Kong: Skull Island

We're less than two months away from the hotly anticipated premiere of one of 2017’s earliest blockbuster movies, and to whet our appetite for director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Kong: Skull Island, four new action-packed promos have been unleashed.

Big monsters stomp and smash in this explosive new international trailer for Kong: Skull Island

The international trailer for Kong: Skull Island boasts a very enthusiastic Japanese voiceover and some fiery new footage showcasing the island's dangerous creatures.

Get a first look at the Skullcrawlers in toy images for Kong: Skull Island

We're opening the toybox for a first peek at the Lanard playsets coming for Kong: Skull Island.

The King is back in explosive new trailer for Kong: Skull Island
Nov 17, 2016

Tom Hiddleston was on hand during tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut the newest trailer for Warner Bros.’ upcoming "King of the Monsters" movie Kong: Skull Island.

Helicopters get an unwelcome hand in new Kong: Skull Island international trailer
Oct 31, 2016

Here's the smashing new Japanese trailer for the giant ape adventure Kong: Skull Island

Watch Kong come to life in first official trailer for Kong: Skull Island
Jul 23, 2016

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and Warner Bros. has now unleashed the first official footage for Kong: Skull Island.

Everything on Kong: Skull Island is bigger in first official pic
Jul 21, 2016

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts promises everything will be bigger in the movie reboot.

Dig into the mystery of Kong: Skull Island in new first-look BTS featurette
Apr 11, 2016

Released during last night's MTV Movie Awards, a new video featurette reveals our first official look at the new Tom Hiddleston movie Kong: Skull Island.

Tom Hiddleston reveals some intriguing info about Kong: Skull Island
Apr 5, 2016

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming Kong: Skull Island, but the actor just dropped some intriguing hints about the next movie featuring the legendary King of the Apes.

A giant skeleton is unearthed in new Kong: Skull Island set video
Nov 9, 2015

A bird's-eye view of the Kong: Skull Island set has revealed what Tom Hiddleston and company might stumble upon on the dangerous island.

First Kong: Skull Island set pics prove the movie will feature giant skulls
Oct 19, 2015

Before we get to see King Kong duke it out with Godzilla in the hotly anticipated epic monster mash, we have to go back to the beginning with Kong: Skull Island.