Ever wondered how a song in Klington sounds or have you ever dreamed about speaking Klington on your phone? Find out all about Klingon at Blastr.

Town councilman wins geekiest resignation ever with letter in Klingon
Jan 3, 2014

If you have to leave, you can at least make sure they never forget you.

Starfleet + Klingon weapons kick butt in this Trek 2 concept art
Dec 12, 2013

Fans were admittedly divided about the execution of Star Trek Into Darkness, but it’s hard to argue that the film kicked a boatload of ass in the action department.

Thanks to this video, you can now rickroll people on the Internet IN KLINGON
Oct 17, 2013

Because people get trolled everywhere, even on Qo'noS.

Netflix yanks Trek III due to (wait for it) Klingon translation problems
Aug 1, 2013

Apparently, Netflix forgot that most of us don't understand Klingon. Other than Qapla' and Bat'leth, obviously.

Klingon karaoke singer growls '90s pop song as you've never heard it before
Apr 24, 2013

What do you get when you combine a sweet-hearted ballad with one of the most ruthless races in the universe? Klingon karaoke. Star Trek fans, the gauntlet has been throw.

Guy named Blade arrested while drunkenly waving a Klingon sword
Feb 14, 2013

Klingons fight with honor. Random guys on the street, however ...

See an awesome Trek Gangnam Style parody done entirely in Klingon
Dec 17, 2012

We've seen a lot of sci-fi parodies of Korean pop star PSY's worldwide hit "Gangnam Style," but more keep beaming in. A new, extra nerdy version of the tune just hit the 'net, and this time it's done in an alien language.

Guy studies Klingon for 12 years, finds cure for dyslexia
Dec 15, 2012

A British husband and father spent 12 years learning Star Trek's language of warriors and, in the process, found a way to store information that helped him to cope with his dyslexia.

Man taught his son Klingon before he taught him English
Dec 14, 2012

This Minnesota dad admits he taught his son Klingon before he taught him English.

HBO's Game of Thrones makes up its own fantasy language!
Dec 14, 2012

HBO has hired a "language creator" to devise the speech of the Dothraki warriors.