Kevin Tancharoen

Watch Eliza Dushku's new sci-fi short film from Mortal Kombat's director
Mar 27, 2014

If you’ve been jonesing for more Eliza Dushku since the cancellation of Dollhouse, you’re in luck — she’s back in action with the new short film The Gable 5.

Full 2nd season of bloody Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series now live!
Sep 26, 2013

The full second season of the acclaimed Mortal Kombat web series Legacy has gone live, picking up the gritty adventures of the ass-kicking gang in Outworld.

Bizarre plot detail emerges about that new Mortal Kombat movie
Dec 17, 2012

Some new details have finally come to light about that near-forgotten new Mortal Kombat flick—and it seems the darker, grittier take on the classic fighting franchise is in for a WTF twist.