Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith signs on to direct Season 2 episode of The Flash
Trent Moore

It seems The CW’s Flash series has garnered some fans in high places, and now one of them is signing on to pull double duty behind the scenes.

Exclusive: Comic Book Men Season 5 sneak peek
Aaron Sagers

Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men return to AMC for its fifth season this Sunday night, but you don't need to wait to check out this clip where the guys talk about how they want their remains treated.

Image of the Day: Feast your eyes upon Nicolas Cage as Superman
Don Kaye

We've gotten glimpses through screen test images and clips, but now there's a full portrait online of Nicolas Cage in his complete Superman garb.

1st geektastic trailer for Super Size Me director's Comic-Con doc

Produced by Joss Whedon and directed by Morgan Spurlock, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope aims to take you inside the beautiful madness of the event that's shaped pop culture for the last decade (for better or for worse): San Diego Comic-Con.

See 1st trailer for Kevin Smith's indie superhero comedy flick
Dany Roth

Kevin Smith is putting his money where his mouth is by rallying support to distribute an all-new indie take on the super-hero genre, Alter Egos. And we've got the first trailer in all its weird, funky, super-powered glory.

Watch Kevin Smith's hour-long interview with Stan Lee about the history of Marvel
Trent Moore

It’s hard to believe, but Marvel has been putting out funny books for a full 75 years. So what do a few of the company’s legends have to say about the legacy?


EXCLUSIVE: Becoming a Comic Book Men clerk for a day, plus a finale clip
Aaron Sagers

Our own Aaron Sagers joins the staff of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and returns with video. Also, check out our exclusive sneak peek at this Sunday's finale.

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak peek of Comic Book Men premiere
Aaron Sagers

Take a peek at the geekery from Kevin Smith & Co. you can look forward to in the new season.

Trailer debuts for Kevin Smith's weird new horror movie, Tusk
Don Kaye

Kevin Smith has had his ups and downs as a filmmaker, but the trailer for his new movie, Tusk, is intriguing and bizarre.

Rumor of the day: Kevin Smith wrote a fake Batman v Superman script solely to leak it.
Trent Moore

Take this one with a grain of salt, but if it's true, we have a newfound respect for Zack Snyder’s savvy insanity, not to mention Kevin Smith's sneaky geekiness.

Has Kevin Smith revealed Warner Bros.' Justice League story strategy?
Matthew Jackson

If Kevin Smith is right, we might have been thinking about the Warner Bros. approach to building a superhero universe all wrong.

Kevin Smith claims this is the color scheme of Ben Affleck's Batman suit
Trent Moore

Zack Snyder set the Internet ablaze with the first peek at Ben Affleck’s new version of Batman. Now Affleck’s pal claims to know how that mysterious color palette will look.

Kevin Smith developing new yuletide horror anthology flick Anti-Claus
Jeff Spry

Krampus takes center stage for this crazy Christmas fright film.

How Shatner and 18 more celebs reacted to Affleck's Batman casting
Matthew Jackson

If you were on the internet last night, there's a good chance you couldn't escape talk of Batman, even if you don't care about Batman at all.