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Why Smallville's John Schneider hated Man of Steel's Jonathan Kent
Mar 13, 2015

It takes one Jonathan Kent in order to know another Jonathan Kent -- or, at least, to actively dislike one.

Kevin Costner defends sci-fi flop Waterworld as 'inventive, cool movie'
Jun 6, 2013

Kevin Costner might be a pretty bankable star, but he’s had a pretty rocky history when it comes to sci-fi flicks.

Kevin Costner is in talks to join Superman. But as who?
Dec 14, 2012

The Oscar-winner is reportedly close to signing on to the Zack Snyder-Christopher Nolan reboot of the Man of Steel for "a key role." But will he be a hero, a villain, or something else altogether?

And Superman's dad, Jonathan Kent, is ... Kevin Costner
Dec 14, 2012

On the heels of Zack Snyder's statement that he's going to treat his Man of Steel as if no previous Superman movies existed comes the news that Costner will be playing Pa Kent opposite Diane Lane's Martha. I guess Snyder's first departure from canon is to make Clark's adoptive parents hot.