Kenneth Branagh

Tom Hiddleston thinks Kenneth Branagh deserves a role in Thor 2
Jul 4, 2015

Kenneth Branagh may be out of the directing gig for Thor 2—the honor having gone to Monster director Patty Jenkins due to a scheduling conflict between the Shakespearean actor and Marvel Studios—but that doesn't mean the actor/director can't have a role in the anticipated sequel.

Will Thor Mess Up The Avengers? How it might work.
Jun 25, 2015

How will the mythical Thor fit into the real-world Avengers?

New trailer and featurette for Disney's live action Cinderella really is magical
Jan 2, 2015

With Frozen-mania finally winding down, Disney plans to follow up the massive animated hit with a throwback live-action film —and Cinderella looks pretty great.


Kenneth Branagh's hoping he'll get to direct another Marvel movie
Dec 15, 2012

Though he wasn't exactly the most likely of choices, Kenneth Branagh managed to turn Marvel's Thor into a fun, blockbuster addition to the Marvel movie canon. His name won't be on Thor 2 when it hits theaters in 2013, but Branagh says that if the timing were right, he'd love to go back to the Marvel universe.

Why Kenneth Branagh is the right director for Thor after all
Dec 14, 2012

When you think Kenneth Branagh, you think, "British Shakespearean actor and director who was inexplicably given the job of directing Thor." In this 3-minute behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming superhero film, you'll (briefly) see why Branagh was a decent choice.

Kenneth Branagh: Thor movie will be the opposite of Iron Man
Dec 14, 2012

Thor director Kenneth Branaugh says his superhero movie will be the opposite of Jon Favreau's Iron Man movies—and surprisingly, even if you liked Iron Man, Branagh makes it sound as if that'll turn out to be a GOOD thing.

12 tantalizing things we learned during our Thor set visit
Dec 14, 2012

We went to the Los Angeles set of Thor in March and even though we wanted to tell you all about it immediately, we've had to sit on it all year. But now the embargo has lifted and we can share the things we learned from director Kenneth Branagh, producer Craig Kyle and the actors playing Asgardian warriors.

Thor 2 will definitely get made–but WITHOUT Kenneth Branagh
Jun 30, 2011

Thor 2 is officially a go and has been set for release on July 26th, 2013. Now all the movie needs is a director.