Kate Mara

Don’t make Morgan angry in new clip from Luke Scott’s sci-fi horror film
Aug 9, 2016

A new clip from director Luke Scott’s upcoming sci-fi/horror thriller movie Morgan has just hit. Scott is the son of legendary Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott, and Morgan is his first big-screen effort.

Watch a terrifying new trailer for sci-fi horror flick Morgan, directed by Ridley Scott’s son
Jun 27, 2016

The first trailer did a good job of setting a creepy tone, but our latest look at Morgan sets the stakes for what looks to be one of the freakiest sci-fi horror flicks of the year.

The reviews are in: So, is Fantastic Four actually any good?
Aug 5, 2015

The folks at 20th Century Fox kept Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot under wraps for as long as possible, but now some reviews are finally starting to trickle out ahead of the weekend opening. So, how is it?

Watch the first trailer from The Martian and meet the crew in a new promo video
Jun 8, 2015

The first trailer for The Martian has arrived, along with a video in which Matt Damon introduces the crew.

New official Fantastic Four character bios reveal intriguing info about Mr. Fantastic's powers
Apr 27, 2015

The official website for director Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has been updated over the weekend, revealing some new info about everyone's favorite stretchy superhero that made us take a double-take.

Dr. Doom arrives in the second trailer for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four
Apr 19, 2015

A new trailer for Fantastic Four is here, and we get a glimpse at the film's interpretation of Doctor Doom.

Fantastic Four director wanted movie to feel more like a horror film
Apr 10, 2015

Director Josh Trank keeps coming up with new and inventive ways to describe his reboot of Fantastic Four.

Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg explain how (and why) they picked their Fantastic Four leads in 4 new featurettes
Apr 6, 2015

This summer, we'll get to see Marvel's First Family return to the big screen in director Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. How and why were the leads chosen? Check out the answer in these four new video featurettes.

Miles Teller says we will see the Fantastic Four in the classic costumes
Mar 17, 2015

If you've been worried that we won't see the Fantastic Four in their classic costumes in the upcoming movie, star Miles Teller is here to reassure you.

Michael B. Jordan on putting on his Fantastic Four suit for the first time
Oct 6, 2014

The man playing the Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot had one thought when he put on his costume for the first time.

Image of the day: Fantastic Four cast assembles on set as filming wraps
Aug 4, 2014

To say Fantastic Four had a quiet shoot would be an understatement. Turns out director Josh Trank has wrapped filming, and here’s a selfie of Marvel’s First Family to prove it.

Huh? Fantastic 4's Michael B. Jordan says they're not playing superheroes
Jul 18, 2014

Just when you thought the latest furor over the new Fantastic Four movie had died down, the new Human Torch has just thrown gasoline on the fire.