Karl Urban

Karl Urban could return in Dredd: Mega-City One series

When it was announced two weeks ago that a live-action Judge Dredd TV series was coming our way, the first question on everyone’s mind was: Will Karl Urban return in the iconic role?

Star Trek Beyond gag reel features Shatner impressions, broken doors and Karl Urban adorableness
Oct 5, 2016

The expectations were a bit low, but Star Trek Beyond turned out to be one of the best Trek films in years. Part of that was due to the humor embedded into the script, but it turns out there was also some hilarious bits left on the cutting room floor.

Why Karl Urban almost didn't come back for Star Trek Beyond
Aug 4, 2016

The rebooted Star Trek universe almost lost its beloved Dr. McCoy before cameras started rolling on the franchise's latest movie.

Spock and Bones share a close, bonding moment in new Star Trek Beyond clip
Jul 21, 2016

We’re just one day away from the hotly anticipated premiere of Star Trek Beyond (with the movie actually premiering tonight), but that isn’t stopping Paramount Pictures from releasing a brand-new clip from director Justin Lin’s movie.

Bones gives Spock some logical advice in first Star Trek Beyond clip
Jul 4, 2016

The first clip for Star Trek Beyond has finally made its way online ahead of the movie’s hotly anticipated premiere in three weeks.

Karl Urban, Jeff Goldblum, Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson join Thor: Ragnarok
May 20, 2016

With the next Thor film set to open in just over a year, Marvel has announced some major additions to the cast list for Ragnarok.

Karl Urban says 'conversations are happening' for Dredd TV revival
May 2, 2016

With a potential film sequel seemingly not in the cards, the team behind the 2012 cult hit Dredd is apparently gauging interest for a small-screen adaptation.

Beam aboard the Enterprise with these 2 new Star Trek Beyond set videos
Jan 18, 2016

New Star Trek Beyond set videos reveal a look at the new Enterprise sets and costumes, and offer some cool character details.

With film sequel unlikely, Dredd fans now fighting for TV continuation
Jan 15, 2016

Hollywood isn’t fair, and the fact that Dredd was a box-office bomb is an absolute travesty. But the mid-budget sci-fi flick has earned its share of fans — and they’re not ready to give up just yet.

Rumor of the Day: Aquaman's aqua-foe may be played by Karl Urban
Jan 23, 2015

Karl Urban can play smart, tough, and funny. But can he swim?

Dredd producer on the status of that sequel: 'There's no effing script'
May 2, 2014

Though star Karl Urban set our geek hearts aflutter with confirmation that talks are underway about a Dredd sequel, the film’s producer just dropped a big, fat dose of reality.

Fox cancels its futuristic sci-fi series Almost Human
Apr 30, 2014

Looks like Dorian is going back to the mothballs and Detective John Kennex is heading back for some more medical leave — permanently.

Watch Karl Urban's hope-filled message for Dredd fans still holding on for a sequel
Apr 4, 2014

Have we seen the last of Judge Dredd? Not if his portrayer Karl Urban has anything to say about it.

I am the law! Karl Urban reveals recent movement on a Dredd sequel
Feb 25, 2014

Despite the fact that Dredd's box-office haul was abysmal, the film has found some momentum with its home release — and it might just be enough to warrant a sequel.

Watch the 1st 7 minutes of J.J. Abrams' Almost Human NOW!
Oct 29, 2013

J.J. Abrams has added another sci-fi series to his already impressive resume. Here's an extended sneak peek at the futuristic drama, Almost Human.