Karen Gillan

Guardians of the Galaxy star reveals she wasn't supposed to survive for Vol. 2

Pretty much everyone has died and come back at least once in the MCU, but one Guardians of the Galaxy star reveals she almost didn’t make it through for the sequel.

Image of the Day: The Rock, Karen Gillan and Jack Black in first official Jumanji pic
Sep 20, 2016

Filming has begun on Jumanji in Honolulu, and co-star Kevin Hart has taken to Instagram to share the first official pic of the cast in character.

Karen Gillan cast in major Jumanji role alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Aug 30, 2016

Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan has nabbed a major role in Sony's remake of Jumanji.

Karen Gillan made a horror short that's too true for comfort. It's great.
Oct 15, 2015

What's it like to be a scream queen who feels like she has passed her prime?

Get into some epic dinosaur action with 36 new Doctor Who pics
Jul 4, 2015

Raise your hands if you thought that Doctor Who's Season Seven premiere 'Asylum of the Daleks' was effin' brilliant! So many twists and turns in a storyline that was both exciting, thrilling and totally gob smacking. Well done, Mr. Moffat! Now it's time we turn our attention to the next episode of the series titled 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' with these 36 new awesome (and epic) pics released by the BBC.

Look who else may return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary
Jun 29, 2015

With Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary coming up right around the bend (it's next year), it's normal that we're getting bombarded with stories and rumors about which former Doctor or which former companion will be stepping back into the TARDIS for what will be the ultimate celebration of Who.

Things get more dramatic for the Ponds in Who's Pond Life ep 5
Jun 25, 2015

The last and fifth episode of Doctor Who's entertaining prequel/spinoff Pond Life is finally here! This time, things are about to get dramatic for our beloved Ponds.

Steven Moffat teases how new Who companion will change the Doctor
Jun 25, 2015

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is at it again, teasing us on how the arrival of the Doctor's (Matt Smith) new companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman) and the heartbreaking departure of Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will affect our beloved Time Lord. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Here are some tantalizing details for Doctor Who's S7 Dalek opener
Jun 25, 2015

We're weeks away from the eagerly anticipated Doctor Who season 7 premiere, and a few tantalizing details have emerged from the Time Vortex about that first, Dalek-filled episode. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

See the epic Doctor Who S7 trailer: Daleks, dinosaurs and more!
Jun 25, 2015

The official Doctor Who season seven trailer is HERE! And though we knew for sure it was gonna be EPIC, we're still surprised by how sad it also is. Because these are, after all, the final days of our beloved Ponds. So are you guys ready for more completely mad timey-wimey adventures with the Doctor? We sure are! ''Geronimo!''

Will this be the last Doctor Who season for Amy Pond?
Jun 25, 2015

The departure of companions is nothing new in the grand scheme of Doctor Who history, but in a season already marked by death, could we be seeing a much more grisly end for Amy and Rory? Looks like, no matter what, the signs are building to an end for the Doctor's favorite married couple.

Why Steven Moffat 'completely' rewrote the Ponds' Doctor Who exit
Jun 25, 2015

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed that he really struggled with writing the final moments of the Doctor's (Matt Smith) beloved companions the Ponds, Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill).

Watch a tense 20 seconds from Who's 1st Daleks-filled S7 episode
Jun 25, 2015

The BBC's doing its best to whet our appetites for Doctor Who's upcoming seventh season, releasing an exciting clip from the first episode titled ''Asylum of the Daleks.'' And you know what? It's working.