Anne Hathaway shows off kaiju dance moves in Colossal clip

Woman proves her supernatural connection to a giant monster. With dance. 

See Godzilla dressed as Santa plus 15 more classic kaiju candids
Jul 4, 2015

With Guillermo del Toro's giant monster mash, Pacific Rim, on the horizon, kaiju fever is boiling. Here's a retro gallery of rare publicity shots and behind-the-scenes stills of Godzilla and his atomic-age pals.

Godzilla gets his Japanese residency, made tourism ambassador
Jun 2, 2015

Tokyo could have held a grudge. Instead, they gave Godzilla residency.

Terror of Mechagodzilla at 40: The end of one era and the start of another
Mar 13, 2015

Terror of Mechagodzilla was the last of the initial series of Godzilla films that started in 1954.

It's official: Pacific Rim 2 is a go!
Jun 27, 2014

After months of speculation, a sequel to Pacific Rim is confirmed -- and it even has a release date.

Why Godzilla Matters
May 15, 2014

It's been 60 years since Godzilla first arrived in the world. Is the original King of the Monsters still relevant?

Giant monsters are on the prowl in this epic pair of Japanese Pepsi ads
May 15, 2014

Glowing fire demons are after your frosty cola beverage. Whatcha gonna do?

Godzilla's Children: The movie monsters inspired by the big G
May 13, 2014

There's no doubt about it, Godzilla is the King of the Monsters. And like any good king, he's spawned many, many heirs.

At last you can get drunk with Japanese monsters at this Kaiju-themed bar. Really.
Mar 13, 2014

Before you jump in your Jaeger to fight the big bad kaiju, consider that what you both might actually need to settle your conflict is some Jager ... meister.

Bryan Singer developing new modern-day Kaiju monster series for Syfy
Sep 20, 2013

In addition to getting the X-Men back on track, Bryan Singer just took on an intriguing new project.