Justice League of America

Image of the day: Old school Lobo returns with the Justice League of America
Oct 28, 2016

DC Comics is prepping a new Justice League series for 2017, and the roster includes several familiar faces — plus one very surprising one.

Bryan Hitch on the 'massive scale' of his new Justice League of America series
May 22, 2015

DC Comics' new JLA series has a guy known for big stories promising something even bigger.

Learn the shocking identity of the Bat family member DC just killed
May 29, 2013

Unlike the death of Damian Wayne, this character's untimely demise was kept secret until today.

Rumor of the Day: Will this be the plot of the Justice League pic?
Jan 14, 2013

That big screen Justice League flick might still be looking for a director, but writer Will Beale is hard at work on the script—and rumor has it this is the storyline he's adapting.