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Peek inside DC Comics' 1982 style guide that established the look of the Justice League
Trent Moore

Back in the early 1980s, DC Comics artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez worked tirelessly to create a “DC Bible,” as it were, to keep the look and feel of all the heroes in line. Now a whole lot of pages have finally made it into the wild.

Source says Man of Steel 2 is on 'permanent hold'
Don Kaye

Although Warner Bros. Pictures is rolling out an ambitious slate of DC Comics-based movies over the next five years, the fate of one film remains uncertain.

That documentary about George Miller's failed Justice League has one big obstacle left
Matthew Jackson

Before we see the documentary about George Miller's aborted Justice League movie, the filmmakers have to clear one major obstacle.

Henry Cavill reveals the only thing that can really beat Superman
Nathalie Caron

Superman actor Henry Cavill shared his thoughts on the only thing that could beat the Man of Steel.

How Justice League influenced the new, 'real' Batmobile and Batcave designs in Batman v Superman
Nathalie Caron

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature redesigns for the Caped Crusader's Batmobile and Batcave. But it's another DC movie (not yet released) that was the true inspiration behind what we'll get to see on the big screen.

Ezra Miller opens up (and geeks out) about playing Barry Allen in DC's upcoming Flash film
Trent Moore

Though we know every movie DC and Warner Bros. plan to make over the next decade, we haven’t heard much from the future stars of the Justice League. So, what does Ezra Miller think about being The Flash in a year or so?

The Batman in that Justice League movie might not be Bruce Wayne
Dany Roth

The Justice League movie would be Warner Bros. first attempt to create a consistent DC universe within the comic-book giant's film franchises. It only makes sense that Batman would be a part of that. What makes less sense, is a Batman who is NOT Bruce Wayne—but that may be exactly what we'll get.

Marvel exec tactfully explains how Avengers and Justice League differ
Trent Moore

Marvel struck gold with their Phase One film plan leading into The Avengers, weaving several tentpole films into one massive box office bonanza. Now DC wants to get in on the action with a Justice League flick. So what does Marvel Studios head-honcho Kevin Feige think about DC's approach?

Rumor of the day: Green Lantern reboot will feature two or more human Lanterns
Don Kaye

When the Green Lantern franchise does return to movie theaters, it's possible that it will feature more than one Earthman wielding the ring.

Image(s) of the Day: Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter revealed in Justice League Mortal concept art
Nathalie Caron

We can finally have a look at what Wonder Woman would've looked like George Miller's Justice League flick, while Aquaman strikes a pose and Martian Manhunter looks on.

Have a look at DC's darker, alternate take on the Justice League in first Gods and Monsters trailer
Nathalie Caron

What would the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight and our Amazon Princess look like in an alternate and darker DC Universe? Something like this.

Rumor of the Day: Chris Pine wanted for major DC role
Don Kaye

Once Chris Pine hangs up his captain's uniform and disembarks from the Enterprise, another huge franchise could be waiting for him.

This guy wants to play Green Lantern really badly
Don Kaye

One actor either knows something we don't or is making some kind of Hail Mary pass to gain entry into the DC Cinematic Universe.