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Ben Affleck reveals first look at Deathstroke, (presumably) from his solo Batman movie

Work is well underway on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now Ben Affleck has dropped a fascinating bit of footage that reveals that a major DC baddie will be coming to the big screen. We’re just not sure if it's from Justice League or his solo Batman movie.

There is now an official line of DC and Marvel suits, and they're actually not terrible

Yes, on the surface, it sounds like cross-promotion run amok. But man, despite the long odds, these are actually pretty darn cool.

Henry Cavill teases black Superman suit for Justice League

The current screen Man of Steel is hinting at some interesting developments in Justice League. Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

James Wan on why Aquaman is basically the Wolverine of the DC movie-verse

The director of Aquaman's upcoming standalone feature film has an interesting take on the man from Atlantis.

Wonder Woman delivers fresh hell in first 5-page peek at DC's Justice League #1

Here's a look at Wonder Woman going berserk against a battalion of Russian mercs for Justice League #1.

J.K. Simmons wants to bring a badass Commissioner Gordon to Justice League

We’ve all seen the pics of a super-ripped J.K. Simmons making the rounds lately, and it looks like the Oscar-winning actor’s iconic DC Comics character will be as badass in Justice League as the actor looks in real life.

Justice League costume designer on what to expect from The Flash's big screen redesign

Between decades of comic lore and the hit CW series, fans are already somewhat familiar with the look of The Flash. But he’ll be getting a bit of a high-tech redesign in the upcoming Justice League flick — and here’s how it’s coming together.