Joshua Jackson

Where to find 9 former Fringe stars now that the show's crossed over
Mar 7, 2013

So where are all our favorite Fringe stars heading now that the show is over?

So long, Fringe! Watch the cast's moving farewell to their fans
Jan 29, 2013

For the brave few who stuck it out until the end, Fox’s Fringe has been a thrill ride of alternate universes and insane plot twists.

Fringe's Jackson was THIS close to playing 2 iconic Trek roles
Jan 22, 2013

After five seasons as the co-leading man on Fox's Fringe, Joshua Jackson has solidified himself as a star player in J.J. Abrams' stable of actors.

Fringe cast breaks down the insane plot twist they all hated most
Jan 22, 2013

From introducing alternate universes to killing off beloved characters, no one can accuse Fox's Fringe of not being a brave show. But despite the writers' faith it'd turn out alright, there was one crazy plot twist the cast just couldn't get behind.

Fringe's Josh Jackson on Peter's evolution and tonight's big finale
Jan 22, 2013

Actor Joshua Jackson is ready to say goodbye to Peter Bishop. In fact, he believes tonight's two-hour Fringe series finale has the 'proper' ending for the Fox show's three main characters, Peter, Olivia and Walter.

Fringe star hints at 'necessary' game-changing series finale
Jan 14, 2013

The end is near. Fringe's finale date's been set, and the characters are on edge. Last week, one of them crossed the line, and he won't be the only one. Expect the whole crew to go above and beyond for the cause.

Fringe star reveals what's next after last week's shocking ending
Jan 14, 2013

The final season of Fox's Fringe is still rolling along, and the writers threw out a massive shocker last week that could define the rest of the season. So what does star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) have to say about it? Spoilers below!

Fringe's Joshua Jackson teases a 'really @#$!-ing major disaster'
Dec 17, 2012

Last Friday, Fringe kicked off its fifth and final season. With only 12 episodes left, the writers are pulling out all the stops. Co-star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) hints that the next few weeks lay the groundwork for a game changing event.

Joshua Jackson says Fringe S5 is 'going to be a big family reunion'
Dec 17, 2012

It seems the start of Fringe's final season will be a familiar scene for viewers—just not in the way you might think. So how long does it take us to get to the future?

What's got Joshua Jackson in uniform for 19 new Fringe set pics?
Dec 17, 2012

We've still got a few weeks before the premiere of Fringe's short (and hopefully sweet) final season, but we're finally getting our first glimpses from the set. Check out a look at new co-star Georgina Haig, plus Joshua Jackson walking around in a futuristic cop uniform.

Joshua Jackson hints how Fringe could live on even if Fox kills it
Dec 16, 2012

A potential kill order by Fox may not be the end for perennially low-rated Fringe ... at least according to lead actor Joshua Jackson, anyway.

Joshua Jackson speaks out on Fringe's imminent demise
Dec 16, 2012

The reality of Fringe's future is not bright: Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said as much about the critically adored and audience ignored show over the weekend. And star Joshua Jackson is staring that reality right in the face.

Get ready for a 4th season of Fringe with a lot less Peter Bishop
Dec 15, 2012

Sure, we all loved Fringe's big mind-blowing finale on Fox last year, but could we really be facing a Fringe without Peter? According to star Joshua Jackson—whose character, Peter Bishop [spoiler ahead!], vanished from existence after saving two universes—he won't be around as much in the upcoming season four.

Joshua Jackson talks about a world without Peter on Fringe
Dec 15, 2012

You've heard of "Who shot J.R.?" but, in the sci-fi world, we're all about "Where's Peter?" After Fringe's nail-biting season finale, we're anxious...

Joshua Jackson to write Peter's lost stories in Fringe comics
Dec 15, 2012

Not content to simply be the handsome star of his own television show, Jackson will fill in some of his character's blanks in a new DC Fringe comic that'll premiere as a digital download.