Josh Trank

Josh Trank's Boba Fett movie was so close to happening we almost got a teaser
Nov 22, 2016

Josh Trank was a buzzy director coming off his indie sci-fi hit Chronicle, which is how he landed the epic train wreck Fantastic Four. HIs next project was rumored to be a Star Wars spinoff focused on Boba Fett, and it was this close to happening.

Doctor Doom actor says there's a great version of Fantastic Four we'll never see
Jun 8, 2016

According to actor Toby Kebbell, there was a very different Fantastic Four that never made it to movie screens.

Yep, it looks like Fox is sticking with the Fantastic Four
Jun 1, 2016

Well, we tried, but Fox seems intent on making another Fantastic Four movie.

Here's a crop of rejected Fantastic Four posters far superior to the movie
Jan 15, 2016

Check out these dynamic unused posters for Fantastic Four by Dave Rapoza.

Fantastic Four producer says they're 'figuring out' how a sequel could work
Sep 14, 2015

Though the story is a complicated one, there’s no denying Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot was a muddled mess of a movie. So, what does the man tasked with developing a sequel have to say?

The original draft of Trank's Fantastic Four featured Galactus, Herbie and NYC action
Aug 19, 2015

We all know the awfulness of the final product that is Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, but what might the film have looked liked before the wheels fell off amid a mountain of rewrites and budget cuts?

Here’s what happened to that cool-looking action scene from the Fantastic Four trailer
Aug 19, 2015

Anyone who actually braved the brutal reviews to watch Fantastic Four in theaters was probably left wondering — wasn’t there a cool-looking action scene in the trailers that never made it on screen?

The blame game over Fantastic Four is getting more intense
Aug 14, 2015

Things might get even uglier as the fallout over the failure of Fantastic Four continues.

Max Landis’ thoughtful take on Fantastic Four, how Hollywood works
Aug 11, 2015

If there’s anyone who has a unique angle on the fiasco that is Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, it’s his former collaborator, Max Landis. So, what does Landis make of this whole mess?

Report: Fox apparently cut 3 big action set pieces days before shooting began on Fantastic Four
Aug 10, 2015

Can a movie studio's interference go too far? In the case of director Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, apparently so.

Josh Trank responds to all the hate surrounding his Fantastic Four film
Aug 7, 2015

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is taking a critical beating this weekend, and now the director has fired back a response. So who’s to blame for this super-mess?

The Fantastic Four blast off to an alternate dimension in first clip from Trank’s reboot
Jul 31, 2015

The movie opens next week, and now Fox has finally revealed the first clip from Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot. Want to see?

New Fantastic 4 featurette digs into the real science behind alternate realities
Jul 29, 2015

Josh Trank’s Fantastic 4 reboot puts a different spin on the classic origin, so the studio has put together a fascinating new promo to break down the real science behind what causes those superpowers.