Josh Holloway

Go 'Behind the Wall' with Josh Holloway's new sci-fi TV series Colony
Nov 30, 2015

USA Network is taking us behind the scenes of its upcoming alien invasion sci-fi series.

In 1st Colony trailer, Josh Holloway has to make a painful choice
Jul 14, 2015

In Colony, invaders have colonized Earth. Will our hero join the Resistance? 

An alien invasion is coming to USA with Colony - starring Lost and Walking Dead alums
Feb 3, 2015

The aliens are coming to TV (again) as USA picks up Carlton Cuse's sci-fi series Colony for a 10-episode order.

Intelligence is most-watched new show of the season (but there's a BIG catch)
Jan 8, 2014

The new sci-fi series Intelligence debuted Tuesday night, and positively dominated in the ratings — making it the biggest new show of the fall on any network. But, there’s just one catch.

Why Josh Holloway's character in CBS's Intelligence is the anti-Terminator

CBS's new spy-fi series, Intelligence, premieres tonight, but you're going to want to think more The Six Million Dollar Man than The Terminator, said executive produce Tripp Vinson in this exclusive interview.

How creator pitched CBS's Intelligence as Six Million Dollar Man for modern era
Jan 6, 2014

The new CBS spy-fi series Intelligence debuts this week, bringing fan favorite Lost star Josh Holloway back with it. So, what should be expect?

Josh Holloway explains why CBS' Intelligence isn't a ripoff of Chuck
Jul 18, 2013

Josh Holloway's clearing the air about his new TV show. He knows some of you are confused about its plot, and its similarity to Chuck. He promises Intelligence isn't a ripoff.

Josh Holloway's a walking computer in 1st footage from Intelligence
May 16, 2013

CBS finally released the first trailer for Josh Holloway's Intelligence. Watch as Holloway channels his inner Chuck Bartowski—without the laughs.

1st pic of Lost's Josh Holloway in new sci-fi TV show Intelligence
May 15, 2013

Josh Holloway is off the island and moving to the big city. He headlines CBS's upcoming series Intelligence and we've got the first look at his character in action.

SDCC: Lost's 'Sawyer' on the heartbreak to come
Dec 14, 2012

Josh Holloway talks about the path his hero character will tread in season six.