John Hurt

The Rock faces off with a lion + sea beast in insane new Hercules trailer
Jun 3, 2014

If you were on the fence about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upcoming Hercules flick, this new trailer should put you over the top. This thing looks really, really fun.

Moffat explains what happened after the 8th Doctor’s regeneration
Dec 17, 2013

Steven Moffat has hinted at what happened with John Hurt’s War Doctor following the 8th Doctor’s (Paul McGann) regeneration at the end of “The Night of the Doctor.”

27 intriguing pics will get you even more excited for Doctor Who’s 50th
Nov 13, 2013

The BBC has released a TARDIS-filled load of Who 50th anniversary promo shots and stills, and we've got a nifty selection right here for you. Let's have a look, shall we?

Moffat reveals what John Hurt did to steal every scene in Who’s 50th
Oct 28, 2013

Forget Matt Smith or David Tennant. According to Steven Moffat, the real scene stealer in that Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special will be John Hurt. Here's why.

See 1st official pics from Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary episode
Oct 16, 2013

Finally! The BBC has released the 1st official stills from its upcoming Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special. Allons-y! and Geronimo!

Tennant and Smith team up in 1st official poster for Who's 50th-anniversary ep
Sep 11, 2013

Now that the title of Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary episode has finally been revealed, we can actually start getting idea of what it'll look like.

Here's what John Hurt found most difficult about being Doctor Who
Sep 9, 2013

We’re all dying to see John Hurt step in as a mysterious version of The Doctor in Who’s 50th anniversary, and now the acclaimed actor has opened up about his stint on the franchise.

Will John Hurt appear in more than just Doctor Who's 50th anniversary?
Aug 29, 2013

William Hurt's 8.5 Doctor is only going to appear in one episode, right? Maybe not ...

New Snowpiercer trailer spotlights the frozen post-apocalypse
Jul 8, 2013

One of the coolest sci-fi flicks of the year doesn’t even have a U.S. release date yet, but a new trailer shows us what we’re missing with Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer.

The secret to John Hurt’s Doctor Who 50th-anniversary role revealed (sorta)
Jul 5, 2013

The mystery of John Hurt’s Doctor may have finally been revealed.

More intriguing info emerges on John Hurt's pivotal role in Who's 50th
May 10, 2013

Yesterday, we told you about John Hurt’s rather pivotal role in Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary special. Today, we have even more info to share with you and it’s timey wimey juicy.

John Hurt teases Who 50th role, possibly confirming stunning rumor
May 9, 2013

We knew nothing about acting legend John Hurt's character in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special until now.