Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello wrote a Dungeons and Dragons film he's trying to get made

In addition to being ridiculously handsome, Joe Manganiello is also a hardcore Dungeons and Dragons fan. So, he’s written a script and is currently trying to get the movie made. Whatever he’s cooking up, it can’t be much worse than those other D&D movies, right?

The Batman stars not even sure if they're still in the movie anymore
Mar 20, 2017

With word that The Batman's script is getting a total rewrite, it seems not even the film's would-be stars are aware if they're even still a part of the project.

Joe Manganiello confirms Deathstroke footage was from screen test
Jan 30, 2017

While we patiently wait to see if Justice League is any good, fans are already looking a few movies ahead to figure out what's coming next — and now we know a bit more about that mysterious Deathstroke footage from last year.

Ben Affleck explains choice of Deathstroke as villain for The Batman
Oct 3, 2016

With Ben Affleck's solo Batman film confirmed, the actor-director has explained why he picked Deathstroke as his chief adversary.

Is a True Blood star the frontrunner to become the new Superman?
Dec 14, 2012

A True Blood star could very well be the frontrunner for the role of a lifetime—namely that of the Man of Steel himself—in Zack Snyder's upcoming film Superman: Man of Steel. If you're guessing Alexander Skarsgard, you're wrong. But if you're guessing Joe Manganiello, yup, you're right.

True Blood role cost Joe Manganiello a shot at Superman
Dec 14, 2012

If you were hoping that Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO's True Blood, was going to nab the role of Superman in director Zack Snyder's reboot, don't be angry with Henry Cavill, the guy who eventually got the part. Because what took Manganiello out of the running was True Blood itself.