Joe Carnahan

Mark Millar's Nemesis finally heading to the big screen
Aug 11, 2015

Mark Millar's tale of villainous revenge is getting a new lease on life, with Nemesis making the switch from Fox to Warner Bros.

One-time Daredevil director Joe Carnahan reveals his plan for an aborted trilogy
May 7, 2014

Sure, we’re psyched that Marvel got the rights to Daredevil back for that upcoming Netflix series — but we almost got something very, very different.

Director's 'Batman as Joker' pic could kill his Daredevil reboot
Jan 14, 2013

Comic fans went nuts earlier this year when director Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Narc) revealed he was in the running to direct a gritty, 1970s-set reboot of Daredevil—and his epic sizzle reel only fanned the flames. But now it seems Carnahan has moved on to another dark comic he wants to bring to the big screen.

It's Eastwood vs. Eastwood in sizzle reel for aborted killer clone pic
Dec 17, 2012

Joe Carnahan's sizzle reel for his aborted Daredevil movie proved so popular the director has released another video pitch for a defunct project. This time, it's Clint Eastwood vs. Clint Eastwood (seriously) in the sci-fi thriller Gemini Man.

The chances for a new big-screen Daredevil just totally changed
Dec 17, 2012

Daredevil fans, things are about to get interesting. Fox has had the film rights to Hell's Kitchen's greatest hero locked up for the past decade, but as of today, they're finally headed home.

Is that Daredevil movie dead? According to one director—yes
Dec 17, 2012

The chances of seeing a Daredevil reboot from Twentieth Century Fox seem to keep getting slimmer. First, director David Slade backed off the project to work on TV, and now another big-name director is lamenting that his plans for The Man Without Fear might be dead.

Director sets free the sizzle reels from his dead Daredevil pitch
Dec 17, 2012

In recent weeks, we've been teased with the potential for a gritty, exploitation-esque take on Daredevil, courtesy of Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Narc). Sadly, the movie's a bust, but Carnahan was nice enough to show fans what could've been, thanks to the sizzle reels worked up for the studio. Want to see what he had in mind?