Jim Starlin

Comic legend Jim Starlin adapting Dreadstar into sci-fi television series
Feb 18, 2015

Comic legend Jim Starlin is digging deep into the vault for a new television project, and he’s bringing one of his old classics out of retirement for what could be a legit sci-fi epic.

Thanos creator Jim Starlin blasts Marvel for shelving character in his new comic
Apr 30, 2014

Jim Starlin, the guy who created Marvel’s Thanos, is once again at odds with the comic company. The latest problem: They’re (apparently) messing with his new comic’s story arc.

Comics legend Jim Starlin aims his epic '80s superhero Dreadstar at the big screen
Apr 4, 2014

Think Hollywood's already snagged all the cool superheroes? Meet Vance Dreadstar!

Thanos creator responds to those Avengers 2/Guardians rumors
Apr 26, 2013

After Marvel pulled back the curtain on the real intergalactic threat with that post-credit scene in The Avengers, fans assumed we’d be seeing more of a certain god-like baddie soon.

Thanos creator shares casting picks for Marvel's cosmic villain
Dec 17, 2012

With big bad Thanos poised to set the Marvel Cinematic Universe on fire in the near future, the comic character's creator has chimed in with his picks for who could play the Mad Titan on the big screen. Spoilers for The Avengers ahead!